Chiropractic software for total practice growth

Switch to the best platform for chiropractors to automate patient communication and administrative tasks to improve front desk efficiency. Attract new patients and boost patient engagement with fewer staff hours.

Zingit helps you reach more patients—without the grind.

Our growth-focused chiropractic software keeps patients engaged automatically, eliminates time-consuming administrative headaches, and spreads the word about how great your practice is with easy-to-use tools.

Grow faster and increase revenue

Become a new patient magnet, attracting new patients 24/7 with Zingit’s web conversion tool kit.

Automatic patient communication

Zingit stops the endless game of phone tag, providing automated, HIPAA-compliant 2-way conversations.

Maximize Google conversions

Secure referrals and grow new patient starts with a 5 Star reputation using Zingit's online search optimization tools.

Deliver outstanding service

Give your staff the tools to provide better service in less time while ensuring lasting patient relationships.

time-saving technology

EHR integrations to make life easy

Zingit integrates with more than 150 EHRs—so you don't have to worry about duplicate data entry. Our growth platform uses existing patient contact information within your electronic health records to communicate with patients.

Easy patient communication

Centralized inbox for universal messaging

Unify all patient communication in the Zingit Inbox. Use a web browser for 2-way text conversations with patients from your practice’s landline phone number.

Online search conversion

Manage reviews & local SEO

Massively increase your reviews and manage your online reputation for local search results ranking. Zingit’s growth tools automatically request patient reviews (Google, Facebook, and more) to position your chiropractic practice as the premier provider in your area.

Automated engagement software

Patients love easy communication, staff love easy tools

Get more done without wasting staff time. Zingit eliminates the hassle of missed appointments and makes rescheduling easier with automatic appointment reminders, 2-way texting, and online scheduling.

Getting started is easy

Schedule a 30-minute demo

See the difference Zingit can make for your practice's growth strategy.

Customize your tools

Work with your Account Manager to set up and customize your platform to attract new patients and manage your reputation.

Accelerate growth

Happy patients (and a happier front desk) give your practice unlimited potential.



new reviews per practice on average




One practice’s increased revenue per year from completed appointments


Hours per month Zingit saves your staff in busy work

Zingit has saved staff from over 241 years of busy work so far.

Practices spend an average of 60 seconds per phone call to patients that go straight to voicemail. With over 127 million texts sent from Zingit Inbox to date, that's more than 127 million minutes (or 241 years) our customers got back in their workflow.



Running a practice without Zingit is like leaving money on the table.