Online Scheduling

Embed online scheduling on your website, saving your staff time taking phone appointments and allowing your practice to see more patients. It’s simple, customizable, and works 24/7—keeping your schedule full.

Give potential patients another reason to schedule with your practice—it’s so easy!

24/7 booking accessibility

While your front desk takes calls during certain hours, your website is available for new appointment requests around the clock.

Modern website tools

Patients are busier than ever. Make it easier to get into your practice than the other guys.

Personalize your booking calendar

Customize your website's calendar with your practice’s branding, a unique message from your team, and more.

Patient acquisition that drives revenue

Accepting booking requests 24/7

Easily embeds on your website

Customizable to match your branding

Attract patients with busy schedules to reach out

Running a practice without Zingit is like leaving money on the table.