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Want to learn more about setup fees, signup contracts, and support? Find answers to frequently asked questions about Zingit here.

Can I Customize My Text Messages to Patients?

Yes! Zingit’s text-based patient experience platform is flexible, allowing you to customize your text messages, delivery schedule, and quantity of messages. During setup, we give you our text messaging templates and help you customize them for your practice. You can also create as many new text messages as you want, and you can even send videos to your patients via text message.

Does Zingit Charge a Setup Fee?

We charge a small fee for setup. Over the last 10 years, we’ve learned that getting off to a great start requires time to customize, integrate, automate, and train your staff. Our clients appreciate the thorough service as it ensures your success.

Does Zingit Offer Support and Training?

Yes! We’re happy to offer you an amazing Client Success team and lifetime customer support. As a Zingit client, you’ll enjoy access to support by phone or email. You also get access to our extensive knowledge base.

Can I Send and Receive Text Messages from My Office Phone Number?

Absolutely! With Zingit, you can use a local phone number, your practice’s phone number, or a short code. Each option has its own advantages, and a Zingit representative can help you choose the best option for your practice’s needs.

Do I Have to Sign a Long-Term Contract?

No, there are no long-term contracts. We offer monthly and annual plans, and most of our clients choose an annual agreement to earn additional savings.

How Do I Get My Patients’ Information into Zingit?

Your patient’s data migration is part of your setup. Our team cleans and migrates all your patient data within hours. From there, you’re ready to start using Zingit to communicate with your patients.

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