Zingit Web Chat

Put webchat technology into your website that launches a text chain with your front desk when visitors start a conversation. Quickly respond to questions, easily engage visitors, and convert them into care.

Convert, engage, and support your patients on your website.

Grow faster and increase revenue

Become a new patient magnet, attracting new patients 24/7 with Zingit's online conversion toolkit.

Never miss a patient

Be alerted in the Zingit inbox when a new patient messages you on your website, or set up automatic replies so patients know when they expect to hear from you.

Skip the phone call

Patients avoid them, and your staff doesn't have the time. Web chat starts a 2-way text conversation to quickly and easily respond to patient inquiries.

Customize Zingit web chat for an engaging website experience.

Easily integrates into your website

Design chat layout to fit your brand

Set up chat prompts that appear automatically for website visitors

View your chat history in Inbox

Track all website visitors

Running a practice without Zingit is like leaving money on the table.