Recall & Reactivation Campaigns

Need help getting patients to book their next appointment or reschedule after a no-show? Set up automated text campaigns to target patient segments and send personalized messages to recall or reactivate them into treatment. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Get patients back into your office without the extra effort.

Easy automatic recall

Don’t let patients neglect their chiropractic treatment. When it’s time to reschedule an appointment, Zingit’s growth software sends a personalized text reminder—without any action from your staff.

Reactivate with smart campaigns

It’s easier to reactivate patients back into care than attract new ones to treatment. Use Zingit’s smart campaigns to book new appointments for inactive groups effortlessly.

Set it and forget it

Set up filters with a unique marketing message and automatically target dynamic groups of patients. Let Zingit’s automation handle patient recall and reactivation without spending hours on the phone.

Recall and reactivate patients with targeted texting campaigns.

Customizable patient group filters

Message templates for easy sending

Send campaigns at any interval of time

Texts open 2-way conversations

Unlimited campaigns

Track all communication across channels for each patient

Running a practice without Zingit is like leaving money on the table.