Broadcast Messaging

Engage your audience faster with broadcast texts, simplifying staff workloads. Quickly send announcements to all your patients about new services, new products, offers, and special circumstances (like a change in hours for holidays and emergencies).

Reach all your patients at once as quickly as possible.

Simplify mass communication

When you’ve got news for all your patients (or even those in a specific group), it’s easier for practice staff to create one message and click send.

Unlimited audiences

Create and send broadcast messages to all active patients, all patients with upcoming appointments, and any other audience you want to define.

Use your practice’s number

Patients are more likely to read texts from a number they recognize with their area code. Send broadcast messages with your practice’s registered landline number.

Fully customizable for marketing and office updates

Reach every patient or just one group all at once

Simplify your staff’s workload

Use your practice phone number

Completely customizable content

Running a practice without Zingit is like leaving money on the table.