4 Insights for Modern Chiropractic Practice Management

February 2, 2023
3 min read

Humans have diverse viewpoints and personalities, and keeping everyone satisfied when it comes to healthcare is a real challenge. But there are also opportunities for success. Having a long-range chiropractic practice management plan will help you navigate these challenges and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but a plan enables everyone to stay focused on patient and staff satisfaction.

For example, patients are diverse and have different expectations when it comes to the care that they receive, which can be hard to manage. One approach to solving the problem of unsatisfied patients is to listen to them explain their concerns. Another aspect of this is having the right tools in place to respond in an adaptive way.

This is also true of staff. Their satisfaction might be a moving target from one person to another. Since the labor market is so tight and finding good people continues to be a challenge, staff retention is essential. Retaining as many as possible is the goal, but if you lose employees and struggle to find replacements, technology can be a solution to consolidate tasks and create efficiencies.

When creating a chiropractic practice management plan, take a forward-thinking approach. Consider how technology or software partners can assist with the solutions to impact the satisfaction of staff members and patients alike.

Insight #1: Communicate with patients through various formats.

A high-quality plan for improving the office should include improving communication, which must be as diverse as your patients are. Different demographics generally prefer different forms of communication. You can reach your patients in whatever way they prefer, whether through text messages, phone calls, voicemails, and/or email reminders.

Additionally, as these communications improve, missed appointments become fewer and patient satisfaction goes up. Patients love this kind of individualized messaging, which becomes much simpler when you can automate it with the right software, instead of your staff trying to meet all these needs.

Insight #2: Tap into AI and automation without losing the personal touch.

It is possible to communicate with your patients digitally without it feeling like it’s coming from a computer. With the right software partner, digital communications can become conversations through an automated AI system. This helps patients get their questions answered in a timely manner and frees up time for employees to focus on other tasks as needed.

Insight #3: Create a digital feedback loop and keep it flowing.

By using Google Reviews and automating the prompt to get survey responses from patients, your practice can gather feedback and market itself at the same time. Patients like this approach because they feel listened to and that they have the opportunity to share their opinions. Staff members will appreciate the ability to easily market positive comments and five-star reviews on social media. It’s a valuable tool for current patients and employees and eases the process of finding new patients through a positive word-of-mouth marketing option.

Insight #4: Use automation to time the messages to be sent at just the right time.

In certain practices, a human spends time calling and confirming appointments, and if this person is absent or busy, these calls might not go out on a consistent basis. But with automation, they will never get missed. Automation can also help the practice if staffing shortages are impacting the day-to-day workflow of the business. Enabling the system to make the calls means fewer employee hours are needed for the task.

Creating a comprehensive chiropractic practice management plan should include digital solutions, not only to meet the needs of the patients but also to allow for staffing solutions to be more flexible and adaptable.

Technology can be the answer to solving these complicated problems. It takes a plan to solve your practice’s challenges and take opportunities as they arise, and a partner like Zingit can help make this plan a reality.

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