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March 21, 2023
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DIY Customer Support that Gets More Patients into Your Practice

A website chat is one of the easiest ways to convert curious leads into new patients. If you have an SEO optimized, keyworded website, you’ve attracted visitors—but are they sticking around?  

Patients visit your website for a reason; they want what you have to offer. But how will they know you can provide it to them if you’re difficult to reach? If your content doesn’t answer their specific questions, they’re going to look for someone to talk to. However, if they can only reach you through a phone call or email, you probably won’t get many questions to answer.

To the point, it’s been proven that the instant communication of webchat technology engages more visitors than slower alternatives:  

  • 69% of consumers state they’re willing to interact with a chatbot to resolve simple issues  
  • 45% will abandon their cart if they can’t find a quick answer to their questions  
  • 44% agree that live chat is essential to websites  
  • Customers that engage with a live chat agent are 2.8x more likely to make purchases  

Today, it's clear that sealing the deal doesn’t always involve a handshake; sometimes it involves a 24/7 chat box. To learn more, here’s how a live chat tool can help your practice attract new patients and drive growth.

The Link Between Conversions & Convenience  

To put it bluntly, nearly half of your prospects will move on if your website isn't helpful. If your site doesn't engage visitors, you're pushing visitors toward your competition. This can be hard news to take, especially if you consider that you can answer many of the simple questions asked.

Moreover, patients can only allot so much time for your practice. Keep in mind that they have other obligations, like parenthood, careers, and household responsibilities. But with a webchat tool, you can offer busy patients the convenience they want.

Plus, given the feature’s increasing prominence, patients have come to expect the fast engagement it offers when browsing services. If your website doesn't have the feature, patients may take note of its absence.  

To this point, patients want their care providers to use technology and embrace it as other industries do. Quickly engaging with them on your website shows them your willingness to modernize. It also empowers patients with fast information so they can make decisions about their health. And your effort goes a long way: Patients will appreciate that you're providing patient-centric, quality care.  

Customer Service Is Patient Care  

While you may not work in a call center, your practice is still centered around customer service. Your interactions with patients determine whether they come back—and, today, what they say about you online. Further, statistics note that customer service contributes significantly to business dealings:  

  • 90% of Americans choose businesses based on their customer service  
  • 58% of these consumers will switch companies if they receive poor customer service  
  • 89% are likely to buy again after a positive customer service experience  

As such, how you handle patients can either grow your practice or cause it to divebomb. Your customer service skills are viewed as an extension of your care. To show potential new patients you're a good provider, be ready to engage online.

Real Live Connections  

Technology has transformed society in a fairly small amount of time. From the invention of the light bulb to AI surgical appliances, humans have evolved with digital changes. Still, what hasn’t changed is the natural craving for genuine human connections.  

Particularly now, the heavy saturation of technology has led many to seek refreshment in the company of others. Now, there are more chiropractic patients stemming from younger generations. To meet their needs, it’s worth understanding their social values.

Specifically, it’s been found that Gen Z-ers are more haptic, blending both online and offline experiences. The wellness-oriented generation applies this mindset to how they receive care, too. By combining in-person connections with the convenience of online service offerings, they can balance their lifestyles in a healthier way. And when these tech-forward, human-focused leads can contact you directly on your website, you’ll gain their business.    

Capture & Retain  

With webchat technology, it's not a game of catch and release with your leads—there's a way to keep them hooked. As soon as prospects land on your page, they have an idea of what they want from you. It’s up to you to provide them with the answers—and, eventually, the services—they need.

Instantly forging a connection with them lets them know that they can get information from you before seeking it elsewhere. This way, you can convert patients yourself simply by being available.  

Even if you’re unable to answer a question or provide a specific service patients want, don’t fret. You've still shown that you’re a responsive resource, which they may bookmark for later.  

Zingit Web Chat: Instant Conversations for Instant Conversions  

With the right resource, you won't keep missing chances to engage prospects and convert them into your care. Zingit Web Chat is an easy-to-use, live chat widget that embeds customer support into your practice’s website. Then, you can start instant conversations that lead to instant conversions:  

  • Answer questions quickly with 24/7 chat technology that links your front page to your front desk  
  • Never miss a conversion with automated prompts and replies, along with inbox alerts  
  • Customize chat layout to match your brand  
  • View entire chat history to track missed messages and understand patients’ needs more clearly  

Patient engagement is important for retaining your patients, but it’s also necessary for conversions. If you have a website, that’s the first step, but it still needs to welcome new leads.

Zingit Web Chat adds the welcoming and convenient touch today’s patients want without sacrificing extra practice time. And with your very own DIY patient conversion tool, you can be proactive and make practice growth a reality.


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