Appointment Write-Back: The Key to Easier Online Scheduling

Callie Norton
May 22, 2023
3 min read

Zingit’s Write-Back Functionality Eliminates Barriers to New Appointments for Boundless Practice Growth

Managing new appointments and keeping a full calendar is essential for your chiropractic practice's growth. But without an efficient appointment scheduling process, you risk wasting time, losing revenue, and frustrating new patients.  

With disruptions in your practice's appointment process, growth can be impossible.  

If you've started noticing gaps in your calendar, you need to re-evaluate how you get new patients in the door:  

  1. Can patients self-schedule, or does your front desk handle the entire process?  
  1. Does your reception area struggle with onboarding new patients?  
  1. Does your practice always struggle with no-shows?  

Fortunately, Zingit's Online Scheduling with write-back now works with select EHRs* to streamline your new patient onboarding. Keep reading to learn how this feature can help you accelerate your performance, book more new appointments, and grow your practice.  

Meet Modern Expectations & Attract New Patients  

Meeting modern expectations is crucial for chiropractic practices to thrive in today's tech-savvy world. By digitizing your appointment strategy with Zingit's Online Scheduling, you can provide the convenience and accessibility that new patients want you to offer.  

For example, consider the story of Amy, a potential patient, to understand why this is so important.

Amy received a new patient special from two chiropractic offices, Office A and Office B. When she searched for Office A on her phone, she found that their website didn't offer online scheduling. Their intake forms were also outdated. To even begin the scheduling process, she would have to call the office, print out PDF forms, and fill them out manually.  

Frustrated, Amy looked into Office B, discovering that she could easily view real-time availability and schedule her appointment directly from her phone. Within seconds of entering her client information, her appointment was confirmed. Then, to her delight, electronic intake forms were sent directly to her—no printer or pen and paper required.

With Zingit's Online Scheduling, your practice can capture the attention and loyalty of new patients like Amy. Offering an intuitive and user-friendly online scheduling experience sets your practice apart from the competition. It shows that you value your patients' time and prioritize their convenience, enhancing their overall experience from the very first interaction.  

Empower Your Practice  

Allowing patients to book appointments on your website can make all the difference for your practice’s workflow and overall growth. Zingit's Online Scheduling offers your practice numerous benefits:  

  • Your staff have more time to focus on patients instead of manual tasks.  
  • 24/7, real-time online scheduling extends your office's reach beyond business hours to fill more empty slots.    
  • Appointment requests automatically generate intake forms that new patients can fill out ahead of time, decongesting your reception area.
  • Your practice saves money because patients are more likely to show up to self-scheduled appointments.  

Plus, it’s worth noting that Zingit's Online Scheduling gives you total control over appointments. While it increases patient satisfaction by offering patients flexibility, it limits their power over your calendar. Ultimately, you stand between patients and your appointment book, deciding whether appointments are approved or declined.  

Eliminate Double Work  

Write-back can change your appointment strategy considerably, but you may wonder what it actually is. Put simply, write-back is the ability to create, edit, or delete data in a database, file, or source system. Instead of only reading information without making changes, both backend and end-users can safely update data. This functionality is important because it minimizes inconsistencies and— ultimately—eliminates double work.  

With Zingit, write-back synchronizes Online Scheduling with your calendar. If new patients make it past your appointment approval, their appointment "writes back" into your practice management system. Then, their information and appointment details are embedded into your calendar and made editable.  

This way, your staff and patients can make important updates (like changing personal information and appointment times) as needed. Name changes, cancellations, and treatment types are all easily modifiable without wasting time on the phone.  

For your patients, this added flexibility increases their engagement and makes them more likely to show up. Plus, without having to make phone calls for tedious updates, your staff can spend more time with patients.  

Keep Your Calendar Full & Easy to Manage with Write-Back

All things considered, your chiropractic practice exists in an increasingly digitized society. If you want to grow and stay ahead of competition, you need to adapt. Zingit's Online Scheduling with write-back is a modern tool that makes online scheduling for new patients easier, eliminating barriers to your practice. It also removes ridges in your calendar (like excessive phone calls, paper intake forms, and limited availability) for smoother patient processing.  

As a result, your staff can focus on what really matters—caring for patients. Your patients, in turn, will appreciate the flexibility and convenience that Zingit's Online Scheduling with write-back provides. They'll be more likely to show up for their appointments, engage with your practice, and refer new patients.

By optimizing your new patient onboarding process, you can streamline your workflow, increase patient satisfaction, and improve your bottom line. And with a better online scheduling method, you can expect a growing, thriving practice.  

*Zingit's write-back currently integrates with Genesis, Eclipse, Platinum, and ChiroTouch.


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