Chiropractic Marketing Best Practices That Actually Work

Callie Norton
February 7, 2023
5 min read

Use These Tips for Automated Growth to Attract Patients & Establish Your Practice

Chiropractic marketing isn’t exactly a breeze—especially in today’s competitive industry. There’s a larger number of patients who want safer and easier solutions to treat their spinal problems. At least 10% of the world’s population suffers from lower back pain, and the number of people seeking non-surgical, drug-free treatments to relieve it has increased by more than 65% in the last ten years.

That’s the good news! You can pat yourself on the back for entering a field booming with demand. But the reality of working in a skyrocketing industry is that you can quickly become just another number.

Even if you’re offering top-quality services, attracting patients is nearly impossible if they don’t know anything about your practice. You need to be on top of your chiropractic marketing strategy to stand out.

So, if you’re hearing crickets instead of patients, Zingit’s got you covered.

Here’s a list of easy-to-use chiropractic marketing best practices to replace the chirping with chatter. (Then, if you’re still hearing crickets, you might want to hit up the exterminator.)

Hey! Ho! Let’s Grow!

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s dig into how to grab your patients’ attention: search engine optimization (SEO). Given that 94% of patients evaluate providers online before booking appointments, and 75% of them don’t scroll past the first page of search results, your visibility on Google matters.

SEO shows patients that your practice is trustworthy and reputable. It relies on reviews, keyword usage, online presence, and your website’s content and optimization. It may sound like a lot, but here are a few ways you can get on track:

•      Set up your Google Business Profile to post general information (and post regularly).

•      Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for speed.

•      Build your website’s content to include keywords (Google’s Keyword Planner can help you here).

•      Amplify brand awareness with regular social media posts that drive patients to your site.

Generating more reviews is one of the most effective tactics to rank higher. A survey discovered that half of customers trust reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. It also found that having more online reviews can enhance a business’s reputation.

But it can be tricky to get reviews without a real strategy.

Your practice can generate 10x as many reviews with automated online review requests that allow patients to rate your practice in just one click. It’s also easier for your office. Awkwardly reaching out to ask for ratings is yesterday’s problem.

Whip Patient Intake into Shape

Now that you have better SEO, more prospects will visit your website. So how are they going to schedule an appointment?

If your practice only books appointments in-person or by phone, patients that just discovered you online aren’t going to stick around. You need a better (and—ahem—digital) intake process to ensure they do.

In particular, 67% of patients prefer booking appointments online over booking them on the phone. Moreover, 40% of appointments are made after business hours. As such, offering online scheduling 24/7 can earn your chiropractic practice some serious bonus points.

Zingit can help your practice supply the digital demand. Its Online Scheduling feature allows patients to book appointments around the clock, filling your calendar even when your practice is closed. Plus, its intake forms are also online, which can go a long way in impressing the 81% of patients that prefer digital forms over paper.

Stop Communicating Like a Snail

Slow is the snail that wears the shell. It’s time to slip out and socialize with patients faster and easier through two-way texting. Most of your patients own a mobile device they regularly use for texting. So, if you’re only reaching out through phone calls, you’re missing out on a big chance to engage with patients.

In fact, 90% of customers prefer texting over phone calls, and 95% read and respond to texts within three minutes. These statistics are significant if you’re trying to attract patients to your practice.

Zingit offers two-way texting within patient dashboards and directly from your website using your office’s phone number. Your practice won’t waste time confirming appointments over the phone since a quick text does the trick. Then, patients can let you know about any last-minute changes, allowing you to adjust your schedule as soon as possible.

You’ll also be easier to reach since communication isn’t limited to office hours. Our Webchat-to-Text feature operates after hours with auto-responses that engage visitors and convert them from website lurkers into patients.

Already feel lighter? That impenetrable shell wasn’t doing you any favors.

Let AI Do the Driving

When you think about artificial intelligence (AI), you may think of self-driving cars, sentient robots, and world domination. But unlike the images you're desperately trying to block out, using smart technology in your chiropractic practice won't end in flames. (Unless, of course, one of the many patients you attract turns out to be a serial arsonist. In that case, keep the fire extinguisher handy.)

While you may be leery of putting a self-driving car on autopilot, Zingit's AI-enhanced Smart Campaigns will safely steer your practice toward growth. In several ways, it allows for completely customizable, hands-free chiropractic marketing:

•      Text appointment reminders to prevent no-shows

•      Deliver educational content that keeps patients invested in your care

•      Send birthday, holiday, and thank-you messages for a personal touch

•      Announce new hours or locations so patients know when and where to find you

The good thing about automated messaging is that all you have to do is customize the content and time of delivery. However, it's important to understand your content and how often you send it can make or break patient engagement.

Spamming patients with general, non-targeted messaging can overwhelm them and cause them to opt-out. As such, personalized notes to specific groups (like new product announcements relevant to their past visits) are more likely to get a reaction.

The Ghosts of Chiropractors’ Past

Sometimes it’s helpful to reflect on the good old days—particularly those with one-time patients. Remember Gary with the slipped disc? He’s still out there, and word has it that he’s hunching over again.

Essentially, none of the chiropractic marketing tips we’re giving you will matter if you treat a revolving door of new patients you’ll never see again. If you’re spending time, effort, and money to get new patients but don’t retain them, it can be a major loss. To really sustain your practice, you need a patient retention strategy.

Luckily, in addition to sending birthday wishes and appointment reminders, Zingit’s AI-enhanced marketing tools are the time machine that brings back former patients without any effort on your part. It syncs with your practice management system, periodically scanning for dormant patients and sending them low-pressure, non-spammy messages that remind them of your practice—no phone calls necessary. If a patient responds, your staff can take over the conversation to get them back in your practice.

Chiropractic Marketing with Zingit to Meet Modern Demands

Before, you may have thought impactful marketing required more than you could give. However, Zingit’s automated tools make it possible to crack down on practice growth without shelling out thousands of dollars and valuable time.

Your practice gets everything it needs to grow:

·       More patient reviews

·       Faster communication

·       An efficient intake process

·       A solid retention strategy

Plus, since you’re not strapped to the phone or filing cabinet, you’ll pay more attention to the patients in front of you and provide better care.

In a competitive industry, these solutions could mean the difference between getting lost in the masses or standing at the front of the line. With our growth-focused automated marketing and patient engagement software, you can focus on what you’d rather be doing (healing patients) and forget the stressful, repetitive tasks that keep you from doing it.


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