Easy-to-Implement Ideas for More Chiropractic New Patients

February 2, 2023
3 min read

Many managers and chiropractors looking to expand their practice might have the desire to find new clients but believe that it is too big of a challenge to take on. They overthink and over-complicate the process.

They might be surprised to learn that there are several easy ways to obtain chiropractic new patients.

Here are a few ideas for growth that are simple to implement, especially with the support of the right partner.

Meeting New Clients Where They Are

To find new clients, chiropractors must have a presence in the space where new clients interact. In the information age, this means having a digital presence. The good news is that getting a digital presence off the ground can be a straightforward process. Creating a website or social media account is an inexpensive investment, but this step is critical considering how vital a digital footprint is to attract younger clients, as 50% of the world’s population is under the age of thirty. People in that demographic prefer to communicate via text and social media. This kind of digital strategy can have a positive return on investment for the level of investment that is required, both in time and money.

The Power of a First Impression

A first impression is extremely important in all aspects of human interaction. But what does this mean when it comes to finding easy ways to obtain chiropractic new patients? A new client’s first impression begins with the initial intake process. Chiropractors should strategize as to how they can make this an exceptional experience.

For example, instead of traditional paper forms, a digitized process can create an excellent first impression for every chiropractic new patient coming through the door. It can also help attract new patients through word of mouth and ensure that patients return after their first visit, a vital strategy that other businesses of the healing arts have found to be highly effective.

Leveraging Feedback

What easier way is there to gain new clients than to use current clients to do the marketing for you? It isn’t quite that simple but it isn’t complicated either. The issue for any business owner when it comes to online reviews is the risk of the few negative voices drowning out the positive ones. By taking control of the situation—at least to the largest extent possible—chiropractors can create better outcomes for their reviews. An automated system to promote feedback responses helps this process, and there are great tools available to make the easy even easier. Just remember that as the positive Google reviews roll in, they need to be shared through your digital presence.

Customize and Individualize

One easy way to meet the needs of every client, both current and future, is to individualize the patient experience from the start. Individualization sounds complicated but it’s simplified with an automated system. Customized text messages might work better with new clients as opposed to robot calls or emails. Even when automated, confirming or rescheduling can still have a personalized touch. With a partner like Zingit, clinics can use automated tools to create an individualized experience.

All these strategies require front-end work, planning, and prioritization, but none of them are impossible to do, even with a small staff. By using current technology to meet patients where they are at, leveraging the power of Google reviews, and customizing the experience, chiropractors can create a loyalty that translates into even more referrals and recommendations.

How can a practice grow and do so painlessly? It is possible with the right tools. The mission to obtain chiropractic new patients might seem daunting at first, but by initiating a few simple strategies, you can grow your practice. With a partner like Zingit along for the ride, the easy becomes easier and the impact becomes even bigger.

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