5 Digital Patient Engagement Tools That Every Chiropractor Needs

February 2, 2023
3 min read

How would a carpenter’s toolbox look different today than it did twenty years ago? Some of the basic tools would be the same. But other tools would look quite different. Technology has improved to make the job easier. Laser levels, digital measurement tools, and high-tech wood locators have replaced a few of the old tools that were used for years.

The “toolbox” that chiropractors use to engage their patients is no different, and if it hasn’t been updated recently at your practice, now is the time. At times, it can be hard to commit to the necessary resources, but the return on investment is high for digital patient engagement tools. Outcomes show that patients, staff, and profits will all benefit from this investment.

But what are the digital patient engagement tools that work best, are more accurate, and save time? When you’re shopping for new tools, check out these five that are worth upgrading.

1. Digital Onboarding

When it comes to onboarding new patients, paper forms are definitely from the “old toolbox.” Much better options exist that enable ease of use for the patient and cleaner data for the office staff. This makes a good first impression for new clients and checks all the compliance boxes that need to be covered throughout the onboarding process. Things like HIPAA compliance are handled automatically, removing the risk for staff to accidentally mishandle personal information.

2. Electronic Health Records (EHR) System

An EHR is a necessity for all healthcare practices, but some are better and more efficient than others. This is a piece of the patient experience that might be deemphasized when looking at the big picture. When chiropractors listen to the feedback of their clients, this could be an area that comes up as needing an upgrade.

3. Easy Digital Scheduling and Rescheduling

There are many options for tools that will help with scheduling, but some lack a personal touch. The best digital patient engagement tools use artificial intelligence that makes communication feel like a real conversation instead of talking to a robot.

4. Text-Based Communication

Phone calls still have value, but the preferred form of communication for most patients (especially younger ones) is text messaging. If this is not currently a tool in the chiropractor’s toolbox, it should be. It’s easier for patients and staff to use and respond to.

5. Feedback and Reviews

Compared to the other tools, this one isn’t an upgrade but an entirely new tool. Google Reviews are a critical piece of marketing. If you are skeptical about this tool and the ROI on it, check out how these reviews can help market your practice.

Your new toolbox must have a strategy and a tool for monitoring and supporting online reviews. The best tools can target this feedback to particular clients who might be more likely to respond and respond favorably.

When you’re taking the time to upgrade your toolbox, it is important to upgrade to the right tools, not just new ones. There’s a reason that a carpenter would spend more money on new tools even if they had “functional” tools already: money. Either in the form of time saving or expense, there should be an economic advantage for the investment in new tools. If you don’t have the right digital patient engagement tools in place, you might be losing new patients to other practices, missing out on opportunities that you didn’t even know were there.

Just as an experienced carpenter prefers to have their tools from the same manufacturer, a chiropractor should too. When one system can provide multiple tools, it eases integration, training, and data quality throughout the office. The right tool can do it all when it comes to improving the tools that practice managers have at their fingertips.

Digital patient engagement tools can make the difference when it comes to supporting current patients and frees up time and resources to find new ones. The staff will appreciate the upgraded tools too. Overall, the investment in new tools for the toolbox will be well worth the money.

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