Understanding Digital Visibility for Chiropractors

February 2, 2023
3 min read

Digital visibility is all about having a digital presence. While that sounds simple, before upgrading your website or adding more social media accounts, you should fully understand how digital visibility is different in chiropractic care.

When it comes to selling “care,” your message will land differently than a message from other industries. Care is not a widget nor a commodity. It is about having a relationship and working together for the benefit of the patient.

Writing Your Story

When you create your marketing materials, you can share images of your modern, clean facilities, but what will connect with others are visuals of people, care, and connection. Your story should have a strong focus on people.

Your staff and your current patients are part of this. Both groups can tell the story of care, of their passion for helping patients, and of how hard everyone works to have the patient receive outstanding treatment. This becomes the foundation of your digital visibility.

Without visibility, you are unable to tell your story. No matter how great your practice is, if no one knows about it, it will not succeed.

Sharing Your Story

With a strong understanding of what the message needs to be, you now must share that message in a digital format. This is a critical step, but it’s easy to make improvements in a relatively short time. Here are a few impactful strategies that can result in increased digital visibility.

Generate visibility through Google Reviews

Current patients will want to tell the story of the amazing care that they received, so they can be your best marketers if you can engage them correctly. In the digital age, “word of mouth” is not limited to telling others in person but also includes telling others online.

You can be intentional about this and drive responses from high-leverage clients through an automated response system. Google Reviews has proven to be an effective and necessary part of digital visibility across all industries.

Become more visible with targeted marketing through social media

Tap into another effective digital visibility strategy through Facebook and Twitter ads. The right ads in the right places can drive engagement, but keep in mind the human connection as the foundation of your ads. These are more effective than regular social media posts because of their ability to target specific users.

Drive traffic through text engagement

Group text messages are efficient in their low cost and effective in their engagement. A new ad or campaign shared with current patients who share it amongst themselves can multiply its impact and increase digital visibility for the clinic.

Visibility for Growth

All your hard work to become more visible will be for naught without a specific return on your investment: new patient growth. While retaining current patients is also a goal, the main focus should be on acquiring new clients.

When thinking in these terms, you should have your digital visibility plan focused on a particular area of growth. Is your target audience athletes who are young and upcoming, middle-aged people who are seeking an improved quality of life, or people who have been frustrated by traditional medicine and are looking for less-invasive alternatives? Each group requires a different approach to visibility. Your message and story will not change, but the digital space where you invest might. Athletes engage more on TikTok, for example, while the older demographic will appreciate your presence on Facebook.

The type of growth that you are seeking matters, and if there are ideas that you have not considered yet, find a partner who knows the market.

Once you define your story and target an area of growth, you are ready to launch a digital visibility campaign that will yield results. Through a combination of well-defined, patient-centered ads and the right tools to share and spread the word, your digital visibility has never been easier or more effective.

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