7 Tips to Get More Chiropractic Patients

February 2, 2023
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The average chiropractor sees 168 patients per week. When you add in the administrative time that it takes to effectively manage, market, and run a business, it can make for a long week. This burden is one of the reasons that many chiropractors report high levels of burnout and frustration with growing their businesses.

The constant need to bring in new patients to battle attrition only adds to the stress. Practices have to continually add new patients just to replace those who leave the practice on their own. To grow your business, you need to add even more.

Seven Tips to Get More Chiropractic Patients

Here are seven tips that will help you attract and secure new chiropractic patients.

1. Manage Your Online Presence

How will new patients find out about your practice? Unless they have a prior relationship or get a referral, they’ll most likely go online and search for a “chiropractor near me” or something similar. A Pew Research Center survey revealed that 77% of people start their healthcare research using a search engine.

That means you need a competitive online presence. This includes having a professional website that’s optimized for mobile search and employs search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help you get found. You will also need to deploy local SEO tactics to help expose your practice to patients in your area. These include:

  • Optimizing your free Google Business Profile
  • Ensuring that your name, address, and phone number are accurate and consistent online
  • Listing yourself in online directories
  • Using structured data on your website (schema markup) to tell Google about your practice

2. Solicit Reviews and Testimonials

A study of nearly 350,000 patients revealed that online reputation is more important than ever in patients’ choice of healthcare providers. There’s a direct correlation between reputation and reviews. Practices and providers with the strongest reputation have, on average, over 200% more online positive reviews.

When potential patients search online, they’ll find and evaluate reviews. You need to actively solicit positive reviews and manage any less-than-stellar ones as part of your strategy to get more chiropractic patients.

3. Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fancy name for providing high-quality information in the form of blogs, social media, and online articles.

When people search online, they are often seeking information or education about healthcare topics. By producing content that answers their questions, you are establishing yourself as a trusted resource and authority.

Approximately 84% of those using content marketing strategies report that they are moderately, very, or extremely successful.

4. Employ Strategic Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is an essential part of your strategy to get more chiropractic patients. Whether you use pay-per-click ads to get placement near the top of search results, buy social media ads, or use traditional media such as TV and radio, paid ads can improve your brand recognition and drive traffic to your website or encourage phone calls.

Strong paid advertising campaigns let patients know about your business and create demand for your chiropractic services.

5. Ensure Effective Patient Communication

Efficient patient communication is essential to attracting new patients. You need a way to quickly respond to every call, email, web inquiry, or text. Two-way text communication is increasingly important and has become the preferred method of communication for patients.

Automated appointment reminders can significantly reduce no-shows and ensure that new patients follow through on their visits.

6. Offer Referral Programs

Satisfied patients are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. Soliciting testimonials and online reviews can help spread the word. You may also want to consider creating a referral program to help with your outreach.

This might include family discounts, special group rates, or other incentives for providing referrals that lead to new patients.

7. Consider Shifting Hours

Most chiropractic practices operate during the day on weekdays. Consider offering evening and weekend appointments to make it more convenient for your patients. This may require your team to work more hours, or you may decide to shift when you are open to accommodate evening hours on certain days.

Zingit Helps You Get More Chiropractic Patients

Zingit is designed for chiropractors to help grow their patient base, with robust tools for managing and enhancing your online reputation and reviews, local search, and web conversions. With more than 150+ integrations, Zingit is specially tailored to automate essential practice-building campaigns so you can reach and secure new patients more quickly. Online scheduling, intake forms, appointment reminders, and two-way texting enable a seamless experience for new patients.

Average clients see twenty-three new patients within the first month and as much as a 300% increase in the first year of using Zingit.

You will also see significant savings and increased revenue from more efficient staff time, reduced no-shows, and patient reactivation. To see how this can benefit your practice, try this ROI calculator.

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