3 Tips to Get New Chiropractic Patients

February 2, 2023
3 min read

When you start your own practice, you get to develop and deliver care your way, with no one else telling you what to do. But going into business for yourself means being more than just a healthcare provider. You’re a business person too, and part of running a successful business is continuously growing your patient base.

It can get challenging to always be recruiting, especially for a small operation. You also have to pay attention to other parts of the business, such as billing, hiring and personnel management, and supply ordering, just to keep your place running.

Then there’s the challenge of bringing in new clients. You always have to be hustling to stay ahead of the attrition trap.

You can make things easier on yourself. New technology enables you to automate parts of your practice to help you get new chiropractic patients.

Here are a few tips that can lead to an ever-growing top line, so you can build the practice that you’ve always wanted.

1. Develop a Customer Referral Engine

Business increasingly gets done through online means, but that hasn’t changed the importance of the referral. People want to know what they are getting into before committing to a provider, particularly in healthcare. In the digital age, that translates into referrals that everyone can see: online reviews. Data shows that most people do read and seriously consider the reviews when deciding whether to purchase a product or choose a service provider.

As a business owner, you must have an online review strategy, especially for a chiropractic clinic in the healthcare industry.

Zingit Solutions can help. Using its direct-to-patient texts, you can create a system that makes it easier for customers to leave reviews of their experience with you, your staff, and your office.

As more reviews stack up, your chances of getting the attention of new patients increase. Your practice will also rank higher in online searches, yielding additional returns. Building a referral platform is one good way to get new chiropractic patients.

2. Simplify Your Processes

While it may seem like a paradox, focusing on making your practice great for existing clients can bring in new chiropractic patients. It’s all about building a reputation as a forward-thinking provider who makes it easy for patients to get the care that they need and deserve.

You can also bring in new business by simplifying your processes around billing, scheduling, and other administrative matters. For example, patients today want to be seen quickly. They don’t want to spend time in the waiting room filling out tons of paperwork. Put the paperwork online, and you will streamline your practice and reap the benefits.

Scheduling appointments should be another area of focus. Self-scheduling modules in your system will give you a reputation as a provider who puts patients first. You can also build processes for sending appointment reminders.

Paying attention to these areas has an additional beneficial impact on staff by lowering their workloads so they can focus on the essential needs of patients.

Simplifying your systems is a great way to get new chiropractic patients and build a bigger practice.

3. Leverage Technology for Improved Patient Communication

Features in various patient engagement solutions can help you find ways to get new chiropractic patients.

For instance, the Zingit patient engagement solution enables you to implement an automated web-chat tool. This captures information from web visitors who come to your site just to look around. The web-chat function gives you an automated way of talking with curious people shopping for a provider.

Pair web chat with irresistible content features—videos and blog posts that explain your practice—and you will give prospective clients more reasons to stick around your site, thus improving your chances of conversion.

Technology can also help make the old new again. The Zingit Solutions platform analyzes customer data to determine which patients have not been active. You can then reach out and try to reactivate them.

See what Zingit Solutions Can Do

You can make the task of getting new chiropractic patients easier with patient engagement support from Zingit Solutions, which focuses on helping you grow your practice.

The platform enables you to grow faster, automate patient engagement, maximize search conversions, and deliver the best possible service. Lean in to text-first communication, web chat, and other features of the platform, and you will quickly see the results.

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