The Secret to Getting New Chiropractic Patients

February 2, 2023
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Successful businesses need a constant inflow of new customers to generate and grow revenue. In healthcare, that can be especially challenging because patients improve and naturally cycle out. While subscription models and chiropractic care plans can help retain patients and build long-term relationships, getting new chiropractic patients will always be a priority for growing practices.

Challenges in New Patient Acquisition

There are significant challenges involved in getting new chiropractic patients. You need to be an effective marketer and skilled communicator and run an efficient practice to consistently produce a stream of new patients.

Marketing Efficiently

Marketing requires you to have a robust online presence, which includes:

You also need to manage reviews. When new patients want to look for healthcare providers, they turn to the internet, and bad reviews can limit your ability to attract new patients. Nearly three-quarters of people say that they research their healthcare providers before making an appointment, and 70% say positive reviews are very or extremely important in selecting a provider.

Skilled Communicator

Not only do you need to be a highly skilled practitioner, but you also have to excel at communication. You must have a consistent, quick way to respond to new patient inquiries regardless of how they contact you. For example, ensure that you can receive and acknowledge potential patients when they text or email.

Efficient Practice

New patients and potential patients may have many questions before booking an appointment. You must also run an efficient practice to free up the time to address their concerns. If you are unable to respond with the information that patients need right away, they may go directly to your competitors rather than wait.

A lack of automation is a common challenge in chiropractic practices, as it requires staff to make time to complete manual tasks, thus limiting their effectiveness and response time.

The secret to getting new chiropractic patients is utilizing the right tech platform to overcome these challenges and make it easy for patients to work with you.

Overcoming Marketing Challenges

The best patient engagement software for chiropractic practices can help attract and secure new patients in several ways, including providing a polished online reputation, dominating local search positions, and automating patient engagement.

You can also maximize Google conversions to secure more referrals by generating more five-star reviews and using conversion optimization tools.

Automating processes allows you to spend more time with patients rather than on administrative tasks, so you can form more personal connections and build lasting relationships.

Making It Easy for New Patients

There are several ways that you can make things easy for new patients, including:

  • Online scheduling: Allow patients to book their appointments at open times for you that are also convenient for them. Offer a self-service booking solution that reduces the voicemail tag and back-and-forth with patients to find a time that works for everyone.
  • Automated appointment reminders: Automated reminders help reduce no-shows and free up staff from endless phone calls to confirm appointments.
  • Two-way messaging: Quickly engage in two-way conversations with patients.
  • Online intake forms: Save time at the office by allowing patients to use online intake forms. This cuts down on wait time upon arrival and gets patients into treatment quicker, producing a better new patient experience.

How Zingit Solutions Helps You Get New Chiropractic Patients

The secret to getting new chiropractic patients is Zingit. It provides the tools that you need to build a thriving practice, attract and secure new patients, and retain and reactivate more patients.

Attract and Secure New Patients

With unified communications and tools such as webcast to test, broadcast messaging/group texting, two-way messaging, and reputation management, you can constantly communicate with patients, answer questions quickly, and present a robust and polished online presence.

Real-time, text-based communication enables you to reach individual patients or groups of patients all at once. Online scheduling and intake help get patients on the right track and into treatment more quickly.

On average, Zingit customers acquire twenty-three new patients in the first month, with some practices seeing as much as a 300% increase in the first year!

Retain and Reactive Patients

Automated appointment reminders can significantly reduce no-shows, which are especially troubling with new patients. The sooner that you get them to visit your office, the more likely they will become loyal to your practice. Zingit clients see significant improvement by reducing no-show rates.

Growing your practice requires you to attract new patients and keep current patients coming back for more. Zingit also helps with patient reactivation by automatically checking for dormant patients and sending text messages to re-engage with them.

Automate Admin Tasks

Since much of the paperwork and phone calls are eliminated, your front-desk staff has more time to engage with new patients, answer their questions, and set the tone for their first visit.

Grow Your Practice Fast

Integrated and automation software for chiropractic practices can help overcome the challenges of getting new chiropractic patients and growing a successful practice.

Practice Growth

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