Grow Your Practice in 2023 with Better Patient Engagement

Callie Norton
February 2, 2023
4 min read

Turn Expectations into Reality Throughout 2023

In your chiropractic office, annual planning can seem like a massive undertaking with many responsibilities weighing down your already-full plate. Every aspect of your business—from ordering supplies to managing finances—requires strategic effort if you want to grow in an increasingly competitive industry. Using specialized tools, however, can alleviate some of your burdens, such as those that come with your patients’ satisfaction.  

Ultimately, your patients decide whether your practice flourishes or reaches a dead end. And managing the various components that influence how they perceive your business can be incredibly challenging. But with Zingit’s patient engagement solutions, your practice can handle every facet of the patient experience—making patients happier and growing your practice. Keep reading below to learn more about why patient engagement matters now more than ever and how you can use Zingit’s modern tools to excel in 2023.

Happier Patients for the Win

When you started your profession in the chiropractic industry, you may not have pictured the impact that details, like scheduling, would have on your success. You sought a way to help people, learned how to do it, and established a business for people to seek your care. But the reality, as you’ve come to find out, is much more complicated. Earning your patients’ business means delving deep into uncomfortable, unfamiliar grey areas.  

To begin identifying how you can achieve your patient engagement goals in the new year, it’s helpful to understand who your patients are. Today’s generations are immersed in technology, and their expectations will reflect as much.  

And since patient happiness is instrumental to your business’s success, your goal planning for 2023 should include modern ways to improve their experiences and perceptions of your practice.  

As you think of growing a happier clientele, you’ll realize that your efforts must extend beyond expertise with a friendly smile. You must also meet their expectations.  

Clear an Easy Path to Your Practice

It’s simple: If your chiropractic practice isn’t easily accessible, you’re not incentivizing patients to visit. With today’s digital expectations, it’s not a suitable match if your office solely relies on phone calls to communicate with patients. As you strategize patient engagement in the new year, it’s helpful to implement modern software that will place you online where everyone else is.  

Zingit’s appointment request tool gives patients an easier way to reach your practice by allowing them to request appointments online. Moreover, it eliminates the need for them to call you to see you. Everyone benefits from this convenient feature:  

  • Patients get to choose the date and time of their appointments, and this convenience makes them more likely to want to choose your practice again.  
  • Fewer phone calls free up staff, so they won’t be as abrupt or frustrated when answering questions or handling payments.  
  • Patients won’t have to wait as long (in the office or on the phone), giving them more time back in their busy lives.  

Plus, even though you’re allowing patients a significant amount of flexibility, appointments still require your approval—so you still have total control over your calendar.

Delight Them With Your Communication Skills

If your practice hopes to grow in 2023, your accessibility to patients shouldn’t stop with online appointment requests. When prospects reach out to you, they want to talk to you at that moment. If you don’t strike while the iron’s hot, so to speak, you miss out on engaging them and attracting them to your practice.  

As a solution, Zingit offers communication channels that are as instant and intuitive as in-person conversations. Your practice can respond when and how patients prefer by using tools other than a telephone:  

  • Webchat-to-Text captures visitors on your website, converting them to your practice with quick responses to their questions.  
  • 2-way texting makes you readily available, allowing you to respond to questions or adjust last-minute appointment changes.  
  • Broadcast Messaging & Group Texting make it easy to communicate with everyone at once, so delivering important announcements isn’t an ordeal for your staff.  

Another benefit of Zingit’s communication features is that they’re all stored in one place. With Zingit Inbox, 2-way text conversations are easily accessible from your web browser, Android, or IOS Apps, organizing conversations and eliminating barriers to patients.

Stand Out with Clever Marketing

Lastly, while being easily accessible and creating a pleasant environment is critical to your practice’s success, these actions are hardly effective if you’re not even on the radar. Without good marketing tactics, your practice may as well reside on a desert island.  

As you’re likely aware, patients turn to search engines for many, if not most, of the needs they have in their everyday lives—chiropractors being one of them. Today, top-ranking search engine results with star-studded reviews are equally as valuable as the word-of-mouth referrals some of your customers may already grant you. Climbing to the top of prospects’ search results may seem like an unmanageable feat, but Zingit actually makes it easy by:  

  • Automatically generating 10x the number of reviews you’d typically get  
  • Allowing you to respond to and stream positive reviews  
  • Managing your online reputation  

You’ll rank higher in search engine results with more reviews, adding credibility and standing to your practice. And, with online visibility today, practice growth in the future is attainable.  

Likewise, Zingit’s SMART Campaigns is another growth-focused marketing tool that places your practice in a flattering light and increases patient engagement. This AI-driven feature allows you to send various customizable messages that are proven to get your patients’ attention. In seconds, you can send advanced appointment reminders, patient recall messages, birthday wishes, and even educational videos.  

These campaigns are an added “personal” touch that doesn’t require you to lift a finger, making your patient engagement goals easily reachable.

Achieve Every Patient Engagement Goal in 2023

With competition on the rise, your chiropractic practice’s annual planning strategy should involve recognizing your customers and finding ways to appeal to them. Better chiropractic practice management software—such as Zingit Solutions—can add value to your practice in a technology-driven society.  

The flexibility of real-time online scheduling, the convenience of 2-way messaging, and the credibility gained from good marketing give patients a reason to visit and return. By using Zingit’s automation tools in your pursuit of patient happiness in 2023, you’ll be able to meet patients’ expectations and drive your practice toward success.


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