How Can I Get More Chiropractic Patients?

February 2, 2023
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You got into medicine to help other people, but sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time to achieve that goal the way that you would like. The rigors of running a business seem never-ending, from chasing problems with computers or other technology to collecting outstanding payments, hiring, and firing.

One element of business that never goes away, no matter how successful you are, is getting more chiropractic patients. Few patients stay with you for the long haul, so you are always under pressure to bring in new revenue to build your practice.

With so much to do, you might wonder, “how can I get more chiropractic patients?” By following a few basic digital marketing and customer service techniques well supported by technology, you can grow to new heights. Here are a few ways that chiropractors can bring in new patients.

Focus on the Patient Experience

One of the best responses to “how can I get more chiropractic patients” is to focus on building the best possible experience for the patients already under your care. When you do, you give them every reason to tell others about you, both online and in person. A great patient experience sparks conversations and turns into referrals, which are priceless assets in a competitive world.

Accomplishing this means building a reputation for quality care and simplicity of use in business and administration. Having the right patient engagement software, such as the Zingit Solutions platform, can make it easier than ever to deliver on that promise.

Here are three areas to focus on when delivering the patient experience:

  • Onboarding new patients. We live in a digital world, and patients not only now expect but also demand a seamless experience from the moment that they first make contact. You can make onboarding easier by offering online intake forms, so you can get right to work on your patients as soon as they arrive.
  • The intake process. Once onboarded, patients want to be in control of their experience, right down to making appointments. Offer online scheduling to let patients decide when and where they want treatment. Make it easy for them to cancel and reschedule. This flexibility will pay off with satisfied patients and increased referrals.
  • Appointment reminders. Many patients live busy lives. While it would be nice if everyone was super organized and not only remembered their appointments but also protected that time from interference from other activities, realistically, patients need appointment reminders. Zingit Solutions enables you to send automated emails to patients that provide needed reminders of upcoming appointments. Reminders can also help reduce the number of missed appointments, which results in lost revenue.

Beyond these practical matters, using technology to build engagement through two-way communication is how you can grow referral traffic through reviews or word of mouth. The Zingit Solutions platform offers unique doctor-to-patient text-based communication that can be used for many purposes, including educational content.

Help Patients Tell Your Story

Once you have impressed patients with your efficient way of doing business and excellent care, make it easier for them to share their experiences.

It’s proven that online reviews work in generating traffic for small businesses, including chiropractors. But getting them from your existing clients isn’t so simple.

Once your patients leave the office, evidence shows that only a small percentage of them will actually take the time to return to your site or go to other sites, such as Yelp, to leave reviews.

Some practitioners have tried establishing computer workstations in their offices, but Google and other review sites discourage this and can recognize when many reviews come from the same IP addresses.

Zingit Solutions offers a better way by offering a technology platform that enables you to leverage the growth of texting for business. The Zingit application lets you send customized texts to your patients on a regular basis on various healthcare and business-related matters.

Open/response rates are higher on direct-to-patient texts than in almost any other medium. A marketing message that gets read is better than the one that doesn’t.

One of the uses for direct-to-text communication relates to reviews. The ZingIt application enables you to text links to patients right after their visits that take them directly to the review site. Capturing the feedback in the moment is key to gathering reviews.

More reviews mean more new patients. When prospective patients search for chiropractors on the web and see your positive reviews, you will dramatically improve your ability to grow your patient base. Your practice’s website becomes almost a self-generating referral source.

Use Content to Turn Web Visitors into New Clients

Texting with patients can improve visits to your website, which is where patients come looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. They don’t necessarily want to be sold to—they want to know how you can help.

Turning your website into a content engine that answers common patient questions puts your practice into growth mode—and answers your question of “how can I get more chiropractic patients?”

Educational and knowledge-based videos and blog posts grab and hold the attention of new visitors to your website, increasing the chance of converting them into patients.

Zingit patient engagement software has features that help make that conversion happen. The automated webchat function can make it easier for you to collect contact details. By building a database of prospects and their information, you can continue to engage either by email or text, so you can communicate with them even if they do not sign on with you at first.

How Zingit Can Help

Grow faster, increase revenue, automate patient engagement and improve your website conversion rate by partnering with Zingit.

The application is geared toward timely, two-way communication with patients that improves engagement while also streamlining your practice in a cost-effective way.

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