How to Attract New Chiropractic Patients

February 2, 2023
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Growing a chiropractic practice requires a constant inflow of new patients. With the average attrition rates for chiropractors being between 20% and 25%, you need to replace approximately one out of every four to five patients just to stay even. So, if you want to know how to attract new chiropractic patients and grow your business, you will need to accelerate your patient acquisition.

How to Attract New Chiropractic Patients

In today’s connected world, attracting new chiropractic patients starts with developing a competitive online presence. This goes beyond having a modern website to optimize conversions.

Robust Local Online Presence

On average, about two-thirds of patients live near their chosen chiropractor. In a small town, patients might drive twenty-five miles. In a suburban area, most clients will come from within three to five miles. In a large city, it may be half that or less.

When people look for a chiropractor, they’re likely to search by location. In the past few years, there’s been a 200% growth in searches by people using the phrase “near me.” This means you need to optimize your local search presence. A good place to start is by claiming your free Google Business Profile and making sure it’s accurate. Google uses this information to display local results.

Managing Your Online Reviews

For chiropractors, one of the most important things that you can do is manage your reviews. When people are searching for a practice, reviews make a big impression—one way or another. You must maximize your five-star reviews to attract new patients.

A recent survey of patients showed that reviews and star ratings were the most important factors in choosing a healthcare provider. To attract new patients, you need a significant number of reviews, and they need to be recent. Eighty-five percent of those surveyed think that local reviews older than three months are no longer relevant. This means you must constantly be soliciting new reviews to attract new patients.

Exactly how important are reviews? Eighty-four percent of patients said that they would not see a healthcare provider who was rated less than four stars, even if they were referred by their primary physician.

Better Communications

When you do communicate with new patients, you must respond promptly. This requires having a centralized platform that enables you to use your business landline phone number to have two-way text conversion with patients. You also need a way to engage patients easily from your website, such as using webchat to text.

Patients should be able to book appointments on your website 24/7 without having to call. When you book appointments for new patients, you also need an easy way to stay in touch, send appointment reminders, and deliver text and video content.

How Zingit Has Helped Grow Chiropractic Practices

Zingit is the best patient engagement software for chiropractic practices. It can help you better stay in communication with patients and attract new patients. By automating much of the communication process, you can grow more quickly.

Here are a few real-life stories of how Zingit has helped chiropractic practices grow.

Shoreline Family Chiropractic

Shoreline Family Chiropractic in West Haven, Connecticut, sees about 500 patients a week. It’s a highly competitive local market, with about 100 chiropractors within a ten-mile radius of Dr. Matt Perna’s practice. Using Zingit, Dr. Perna saw a 314% increase in online reviews, from 135 to more than 559.

Reviews brought in new patients from outside the area. On average, the practice now attracts fifteen new patients per week. It also reduced its no-show rate by 10% and increased rescheduling or missed appointments by 50%.

Landers Family Chiropractic

Landers Family Chiropractic in Arab, Alabama, saw a 1,100% increase in reviews and improved its show rate to 92%. The staff had struggled to stay on top of text and messaging using their practice management software, but it wasn’t working as well as they’d have liked. Switching to Zingit solved their problem.

Landers also used Zingit for special event marketing. Rather than spend a day addressing and mailing postcards and spending $500 for postage, the staff sent mobile webpage invitations via text. It took just five minutes and patients started booking immediately.

Health First Chiropractic and Wellness

Health First Chiropractic in Virginia now brings in an average of sixty more patients a week. The staff estimates that Zingit is responsible for a $3,000 increase in revenue weekly, adding up to $120,000 a year. They also cut down no-shows to just 5% by staying in communication with new and existing clients.

Health First also used Zingit to automate outreach to patients who had been inactive for three to six months. In the first five months with Zingit, it received more than 100 recall responses,

Susan J. Cosgrove

When Dr. Susan Cosgrove launched Zingit, she immediately started adding reviews, going from eight to sixty-five in just two months. With an 829% improvement in reviews, she saw a significant increase in patients.

She said that Zingit saves so much time, it’s like getting a full-time employee, yet “you are only paying a few hundred dollars—plus no employment benefits to cover, no vacations, no sick days.”

See How Zingit Can Help Attract New Patients and Grow Your Practice

If you’re searching for how to attract new chiropractic patients, Zingit can help. This chiropractic engagement software helps attract, convert, retain, and automate for your practice, saving you time and money while growing your profitability.

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