How to Get More Chiropractic Patients: Modern Approaches

February 2, 2023
3 min read

In the search to get more chiropractic patients, you probably recognize how strategies differ depending on the situation. If you can identify three different categories of patients to target and can engage each type differently, growing your practice will be easier than ever.

The three types of patients have their own needs and require a unique approach to obtain them as “new” patients. Those who are completely new to chiropractic healthcare will need a tutorial on what chiropractic care is all about. Patients who are unsatisfied with their current doctor and are looking for options will seek specific information about care plans. A third and sometimes forgotten group includes former patients who have stopped their care plan and are disengaged overall. Each of these patients will require a unique and different approach.

Patients Brand New to Chiropractic Care

For these patients, you need to start with the basics of chiropractic care and communicate clearly and consistently. These potential patients must become familiar with this kind of healthcare and learn the vernacular. You can choose from many options to communicate this. TikTok or Instagram videos are ideal for explaining treatments, prevention, care, and long-term goals. These also enable the doctor to connect on a personal level with the person on the other side of the screen.

Bios and introductions for the patient-facing staff members are also crucial. When new patients feel like they already know the staff, they will be more comfortable coming in for the first time.

Don’t forget to tap into your current patients to help tell your story. Google Reviews generate traction and a good reputation online, and using a new patient referral system also has great results. Your current patients can be your best spokespeople.

Patients Looking for a Change

While poaching clients from other doctors is never the intent, when patients are looking for a change, it is helpful for them to be aware of their options. You never know when a patient might want a change, so a consistent brand and platform are critical. Start by creating a differentiated digital presence. Make sure your name and story are in spaces where patients interact: Facebook and other social media, sponsorships with local schools, and even radio and print. Use whatever makes sense for your community and your business model.

These patients will have different questions to be answered than brand-new patients. They will want to know about office communication, billing, ease of scheduling, and pricing. Ultimately, they will want to know that they will be cared for. The message to these patients is about engagement and care.

Patients Who Have Disengaged

Sometimes, patients choose to stop their treatment plans and cancel their appointments. Getting these patients to re-engage might be a harder task than attracting completely new clients. There are many reasons that patients quit their treatment plans, but at a most basic level, they leave because the cost exceeded the value that they experienced.

Using communication tools and emphasizing patient engagement are crucial. Office staff members are well-trained in this, so by tapping into their talent, you can reach out to these patients to help them want to continue their care. Each individual may have a different story to tell, so listening is critical.

The time investment that this requires should be monitored, as the rate of return might lag behind seeking out new patients, but when seeking out how to get more chiropractic patients, no stone should be left unturned.

When learning more about how to get more chiropractic patients, you will see that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Each patient is unique, and if you approach them as such, you will have better returns in gaining new patients and in retaining them for the long haul. The search for how to get more chiropractic patients involves seeing each patient as an individual and meeting their needs in any way possible.

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