How to Get New Chiropractic Patients Using Your Digital Footprint

February 2, 2023
3 min read

Competition is fierce when it comes to obtaining new clients. Much like playing a video game, it takes something extra to “move up a level” to gain an advantage over the rest of the field. Growing a client base is no different. Many competitors may have already begun the same growth strategies that you have started, but there is a way to level up these strategies.

Here are a few ideas for how to get new chiropractic patients and stay ahead of the competition.

Google Reviews

Almost every business has discovered the importance of using Google reviews to market their clinic. It isn’t enough to have a strong online presence. Many potential clients will use the reviews, both their volume and quality, to make decisions about their health care.

Level Up: Chiropractors who know the importance of Google reviews also should know that they should not leave these to chance. To gain an advantage over the competition, you can automate the process to get the best, most positive reviews. It sounds simple, but without the support of professionals, this can become a time-consuming and laborious process. Companies like Zingit can automate this process and find the best patients to leave reviews, helping to create a highly positive online presence.

Digital Presence

Most businesses know that a digital presence is an essential marketing component. Having a website and a Facebook page and being registered with Google help improve your visibility and reach. Most of these are free or cheap to create and don’t necessarily require much maintenance. But to grow your client base, these digital tools need to be used strategically.

Level Up: These platforms should be used to highlight how easy it is to become a new client. This is an angle that many forget when they are focused on how to get new chiropractic patients. Ease of onboarding is a key selling point for those seeking a new doctor. To track this impact, chiropractors need to tap into the analytics of these tools to monitor traffic, and they should focus on one in particular: original pageviews. This can shed light on the number of new clients seeking your clinic, ensuring that they find this valuable information, such as online intake forms and automated text reminders.


The trend of storytelling to connect with clients is not a new concept but continues to be one of the most important—and sometimes, most forgotten—pieces of the marketing puzzle. Stories are how we connect with one another at a most basic level. When we know someone’s story, we know what they value, what their dreams are, and even who they are. This type of connection can be the start of a long-lasting relationship between a patient and doctor.

Level Up: Storytelling hasn’t changed over the years, but the tools that we use to tell stories have. Now we can use multiple platforms, such as video and photos, to tell stories. Finding a way to tell your story and to show a new client their potential experience is a win-win on the marketing front. The connection with the doctor is strong because of the story, but the visuals of the photos or videos enable the client to see what the experience is all about.

Simple Communication

The trend of automated communication is going strong. From appointment reminders to feedback surveys, most businesses use technology to facilitate different types of communication. This reduces human error and frees up staff members’ time to complete other tasks.

Level Up: Virtually everyone has automated communication these days, but only a few have personalized automated communication. Through the power of AI, innovative companies have found that the client experience is superior and more efficient when there is an ability to personalize options based on the client’s needs. For example, instead of a client merely typing in a “C” to confirm an appointment, an automated system can personalize the message with their name, allow for questions and reschedules, and use full words and sentences to communicate back and forth. The result is something that feels like a genuine human interaction, even though it is automated.


Using current marketing trends and “leveling up” can help you find a niche that creates new, loyal clients. When searching for how to get new chiropractic patients, know that it might take one or two “level ups” to really get ahead. Fortunately, with partners like Zingit, the strategies are easy and accessible.

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