How to Get New Patients: Chiropractic Tools That Work

January 21, 2023
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Chiropractors have a constant need to attract new patients. The average patient attrition rates run between 10% and 30%, so practices need a constant stream of new patients to avoid falling behind. Using the right tools for attracting new patients and improving retention and reactivation can help chiropractic practices grow profitably.

In this article, we look at various chiropractic tools for getting new patients to your chiropractic practice.

Optimize Your Online Presence

When people look for a chiropractor, they first turn to the internet. They may search for “chiropractors near me” or check out rating sites for nearby practices. Even if they get a referral or know your name, they are still likely to go online to check you out before making an appointment.

As such, it is crucial to optimize your online presence. This includes focusing on local SEO, managing reviews and feedback, social media, and online marketing.

Local Search
More than three-quarters of people seeking health information start with a search engine such as Google. You need to optimize your website to ensure that you are found. In 2022, the top three organic search results will get more than 68% of all clicks, and 98% of all clicks go to those found on the first page of results.

If you do not have a strong showing in Google search engine results, you simply won’t be seen.

Besides optimizing your website, you need to take full advantage of your free Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). This will improve your local SEO and help your practice show up in the Google business maps that often appear near the top of the page.

Managing Reviews
Negative reviews can drive away someone shopping for a chiropractor. You can prevent this brand of negativity by effectively dealing with any complaints before they turn into poor reviews. You can also solicit positive reviews from satisfied patients to help enhance your reputation.

Social Media
A strong social media presence is another strategy for how to get new chiropractic patients. Use social media to keep your practice top of mind for potential patients, and provide educational information that can help establish you as a local authority.

Paid Online Marketing
One way to guarantee that you’ll be near the top of the page on local search is to use paid advertising on search engines. Pay per click is the most common form, where you bid for keywords related to your practice and community.

Patient Communications

Patient communication is vital, especially when trying to attract new patients. If you are unable to respond quickly when you receive a call, email, or text, you may likely lose a potential patient to a competitor. When people reach out, they want answers immediately.

Maintaining communications, such as automated appointment reminders, are also crucial in developing habits with new patients and fighting new patient no-shows.

The right communications platform for chiropractors can help with group messaging, including personalized and individual threads. You can also employ two-way texting.

Make It Easy for New Patients

The easier that you can make it for patients to book appointments and get started with your practice, the more new patients you’ll attract. Self-service online scheduling is a great tool for avoiding calls, messages, and the back-and-forth game of finding an agreeable time.

Online intake also gets new patients invested in the process, so they are more likely to follow through with appointments. It also reduces the administrative burden on staff, so when patients do arrive, they can get into treatment more quickly, resulting in a better experience.

How Zingit AI Drives New Patient Growth

Zingit’s patient engagement software helps attract and secure new patients, as well as retain and reactivate current patients. With real-time text-based communications, Zingit enables chiropractic offices to respond quickly and stay in touch with new and existing patients. This allows for a more personal connection.

Zingit has intelligent automation that integrates seamlessly with more than 150 EHR practice management software solutions. It also helps you grow faster and increase revenue because you can:

  • Attract new patients 24/7 with a polished online reputation, local search, and web-conversion toolkit.
  • Automate patient engagement with two-way text to answer questions quickly and avoid voicemail phone tag.
  • Maximize Google conversions of new patients by managing reviews, reputation, and conversion optimization.
  • Engage new and existing patients to build strong first impressions and lasting relationships.

How to Get New Patients: Chiropractic Solutions

If you’re wondering how to get new patients for your practice, turn to the experts at Zingit Solutions. You can attract and secure new patients, retain and reactivate existing patients, and automate administrative tasks to build and grow your practice.

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