Increasing a Chiropractor's Visibility in Digital Marketing

February 27, 2023
3 min read

To go about increasing visibility in digital marketing, you must be visible in the right places. Traditional methods, while still effective, might need to be updated. Consider a billboard on the highway: it just waits to be seen. The volume of traffic on the highway is what determines its visibility.

In a digital environment, web traffic determines visibility too, albeit in a much different way. While scrolling through the internet, we see many ads, but they aren’t waiting to be seen; they are displayed using data and algorithms to find the right viewers. Basically, the digital “road” that patients travel on is changeable and can turn in your direction if you understand how to make it do so.

To attract new patients to your practice, you need to be seen in the right places and for the right people to see you.

These are the differences between push and pull strategies when it comes to obtaining new patients. Static strategies, like billboards, push out to everyone in hopes that potential clients are motivated to find more information. Digital marketing, when done correctly, enables you to pull in patients who are seeking information already. Using technology, your brand will be the “billboard” that they see first when seeking a new chiropractor.

Your visibility becomes “smart” through technology tools and you and your team working smarter, not harder. Your marketing can combine push and pull messages about who you are while encouraging engagement or a call to action from new clients.

How to Increase Visibility in Digital Marketing

Make it happen through the following ideas.

Find ways to be seen in places where new patients are looking.

New chiropractic patients seek not only care but also the best care. This means your brand and message should exist wherever patients are trying to find this information on the internet. Your visibility increases if your chiropractic clinic can be highlighted on best-of lists, Google Reviews from satisfied patients, and other local awards. There is a way to drive these metrics too. The call to action to complete an online review engages your current patients, which in turn, can be shared with potential patients, who will hopefully continue this cycle of positive reviews.

Don’t shy away from creating tutorial videos on social media.

One of the most engaging mediums is video. Using TikTok or Instagram is easier than you think, and it’s an effective way to go about increasing visibility in digital marketing. Your brand can be embedded and create connections for your exceptional services. When paired with Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, this content can create significant engagement.

Know that content creation can be a vital tool.

You can educate and market through your content, but it can also drive your search engine optimization as new patients seek you out. As you push content through your automated email and text systems, you will also pull them in through targeted ads and hits through search engines.

Get started with a communication strategy by finding the right partner.

Text communication is an effective way to pull in new patients, but you need the right system to support that technology to make it efficient. Without an automated system, it might seem overwhelming, even impossible. But with the right partner, you can send individualized text messages to hundreds of people in a few seconds.


These are just a few ways that you can go about increasing visibility in digital marketing for your chiropractic clinic. Turn the billboard on the road into a digital one, and make it more engaging than ever. For your practice, push out information while using a systematic approach to pull in new patients. The tools that you have at your disposal matter are essential to pulling this off, and having the right partner makes all the difference.

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