5 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies and Patient Engagement Tips

February 2, 2023
3 min read

Humans are taxed with processing high volumes of input every day, from checking social media and streaming video content to reading the daily newspaper. At times, it can be information overload.

That’s why it can be challenging to get a message through to new chiropractic clients, to engage the patients that you have, and to ensure that engagement is supportive and not a burden. If chiropractic managers can find the right balance, patients can be the best marketing tools for growing the practice.

Marketing strategies and patient engagement go hand in hand. If patients are engaged and passionate about the care that they are receiving, they will share that story with others. When crafting a marketing message for attracting new patients, smart office managers use patient engagement as a selling point.

How can chiropractic practice engage in a meaningful way in the lives of patients? Here are five actionable tips to break through the information overload and retain and acquire new patients.

1. Use Storytelling

With video and client reviews, you can create a narrative that feels both personal and real, one that will attract others to schedule an appointment and experience great patient care. Stories bring messages to life and provide a personal touch. If these stories come from satisfied current patients, it creates an authenticity that is hard to match any other way.

2. Maximize the Impact of Google Reviews

In order to use Google Reviews as a marketing strategy, you must have an intentional system for collecting and promoting them. Don’t leave this to chance, as it’s not just about getting volume when it comes to reviews; it is about getting the right patients engaged. Through the use of targeted survey solicitation, practices can get their best, most loyal clients to be their marketing champions.

3. Engage Patients on a Regular Cadence

Constant communication shows that you care about patients, so by using technology and automated systems, you can engage them in a meaningful way on a regular schedule. For example, text reminders about their care plans can feel supportive of their health. There are also opportunities to celebrate birthdays and other significant events. This is the intersection of marketing strategies and patient engagement.

A regular communication cadence can be used for marketing promotions, albeit targeted and in small doses. You do not want the communication to become burdensome. That said, if it is phrased correctly, a message informing patients about events going on at the practice can feel engaging and not like a sales pitch.

4. Diversify the Message and the Platform

It is more challenging, but the more places you can share your message of patient engagement, the better. Web, print, social, and even text all have their place in a marketing plan, and hopefully, different methods will speak to different demographic patient groups. The message that is being communicated also should be tailored to speak specifically to specific clients. A one-size-fits-all approach will not be effective when trying to build trust and engagement.

5. Use Data to Measure Impact

When you’re thinking of diversifying your message and platform, be aware that it is possible to stretch your staff and system too thin, resulting in weak messaging. It is not possible to do everything, and it’s usually not effective, anyway. Finding out which actions have the most impact is critical to an effective plan. Behind a great patient engagement tool are data and analytics that can show impact and ROI. This should form your decision-making around future efforts to market and find new clients.

These five tools will increase the impact that marketing strategies and patient engagement have on your practice. Breaking through the noise is possible but requires a data-driven approach to diversifying messaging to meet the needs of specific patients. It is possible to do this well with a trusted expert like ZingIt, whose proven record has shown excellent results.

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