The Role of Chiropractic Patient Communication Software in Acquisition and Retention

February 2, 2023
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Technology gives chiropractors and other medical providers an expanded set of tools that provide greater opportunities for engaging with patients, with a direct impact on your bottom line. The evidence of the importance of engagement in healthcare continues to mount: greater engagement leads to better outcomes at many levels. Chiropractors and their patients in particular can benefit, especially with more frequent and accessible communication touchpoints.

Patient communication software is emerging as a key element in facilitating this new level of engagement. Systems such as those produced by Zingit Solutions seek to harness the always-on capabilities of the mobile phone in reaching patients.

Zingit’s system provides tools for text-based communications. Texting for business offers a better all-around experience when caring for chiropractic patients and for administrative matters, such as appointment setting.

Here are a few ways that patient communication software can emphasize the collaboration between practice and patient.

In-Patient Experience

The Zingit system, built around patient/provider texts, offers new ways to communicate in areas that impact the patient experience.

For instance, in today’s digital age, no one wants to deal with paper intake forms. It’s costly, ineffective, and irritating to patients. Texts can deliver links to intake forms that patients can fill out digitally. This way, when they arrive at the office, there is no paperwork delay, only prompt healthcare.

Patient communication software also nurtures and extends the patient relationship by adding new flexibility in setting appointments. Using the Zingit platform, patients can set their own appointments. This is more convenient for them and for the staff, who can turn their attention to other, more value-driving processes.

Another element of enhanced experiences stemming from patient communication software is appointment reminders. Your team can automate the reminders and deliver them to patients via text, which has proven effective in mitigating the cost, expense, and headaches of no-shows.

Educational Tips and Care Management

Many factors go into health management in the context of chiropractic care. For example, a proper diet can supply the nutrients and minerals to support bones and muscles.

Unfortunately, chiropractors see a high volume of patients and often at an irregular cadence. They have much to do and only a little time to do it. There isn’t time for preventive care and instructions.

Patient communication software can help. You can develop evergreen pieces of content, focused on preventive care, in the form of blog posts, infographics, or videos and send them to patients who need them (via text-based distribution). The videos can also demonstrate suggested exercises to patients, which might be useful to them between appointments.

Patient testimonials and “meet your doctor” videos can be helpful in building and growing patient relationships. These can also be delivered to patients via the direct-to-text capabilities of Zingit Solutions.

Patient Reviews

Many chiropractors are individual operators and must run their business and deliver healthcare at the same time. One aspect of business development is that you are always thinking about how to grow your patient base, especially during times of massive competition.

One tool that has changed how you must market your practice is patient reviews. Prospective patients want to know as much as possible about you, your staff, your office, and your practice before committing to you.

But it’s hard to get patients to follow up and leave reviews. By the time they are back in front of a computer, other things have taken priority—you are off their minds.

Text-based communication can streamline how you reach patients to ask for their reviews. Using the Zingit Solutions platform, you can send links directly to patient phones that take them to easy-to-use forms for reviews. By reminding patients in real time about reviews, practices have found much success in capturing the opinions of their clients more frequently.

How Zingit Solutions Enhances Patient Communication

Running a medical practice involves a great deal of work, even before you treat your first patient. From billing and scheduling to ordering more toner and toilet paper, the administrative tasks can seem overwhelming, and many opportunities for engagement are overlooked.

You can reverse these trends by using Zingit Solutions’ patient engagement application. It has a text-based two-way communication system that will enable you to engage more with patients on a more personal level and on their terms.

Business texting is the next frontier of direct mail, enabling providers to send customized messages directly to patients’ phones. It’s a new way of connecting that was not possible in the traditional process of business. You will have a higher probability of having your message heard among the tremendous noise in today’s marketing. Ultimately, you can use the Zingit system to effectively streamline your practice.

Patient Communication

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