Chiropractic Patient Engagement Solutions to Attract and Retain

February 2, 2023
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The biggest challenge for those working in a busy chiropractic office is time. It’s a finite resource that cannot simply be expanded.

Since providing high-quality patient care is always the top priority, other things often get put on the back burner. Some providers forget that attracting and retaining patients goes beyond just providing quality of care. Loyal patients form relationships with their chiropractors and staff. It’s this patient engagement that plays a significant role in building the trust and comfort that patients need to feel to continue returning.

This engagement also impacts the three R’s—reputation, referrals, and reviews—that are pivotal in attracting new patients. However, these aren’t the only things that are important in fostering better patient engagement.

Automation Is Your Best Friend

It may seem counterintuitive to turn to technology to help you build better relationships, but there are several ways that this can happen. For example, by automating processes, you will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with patients.

Digital patient engagement solutions, such as Zingit Solutions, can help manage the chiropractor-patient relationship to streamline systems.

System Integration

Integrating systems with your electronic healthcare and practice management software enables you to connect your data and easily handle patient engagement functions.

Online Intake

Online intake reduces paper forms and having to re-enter information, saving time and reducing errors. By offering patients a way to complete paperwork ahead of time, you can also reduce wait time in the office.

Patient Reminders

Text-based patient reminders automatically pull from calendars, keeping your patients up to date without having to manually call or text them.

This simple addition can also significantly reduce no-show rates, which take up available slots and result in open times that could otherwise be filled with patients. With Zingit, patients can also easily reschedule any missed appointments by responding to text prompts.

Two-Way Conversations

Many text solutions only offer one-way communication. This limits engagement and can lead to text messages being ignored or frustrated patients who then must call the clinic (though many won’t). A solution that offers two-way conversations makes for better engagement and can quickly resolve patient concerns.

Texting at Scale

Another way to increase patient engagement is by sending out messages to your entire patient base or just to select patients. This might include information about new treatment options, services, locations, or products that you offer.

Not only can the right patient engagement platform enable you to text at scale, but it can also enable you to personalize messages for patients and create individualized threads.

Reviews on Auto-Pilot

Online reviews are crucial for attracting new patients. For example, if someone is searching online for “chiropractic services near me,” negative reviews will not help attract patients—88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

However, getting positive reviews is not always the easiest thing to do. When people feel that they have a poor experience, they are more likely to leave a review than those who had a great experience.

SMART campaigns can automate the process of soliciting reviews across multiple platforms. For example, Zingit’s automated review algorithm can generate as many as ten times the typical number of patient reviews. That helps attract patients, and the consistent volume of fresh reviews can help you rank higher in search results.


Why do patients stop visiting their chiropractors? The reasons vary from completion of treatment with positive results to an unsatisfying experience or simply being busy. In many cases, attrition can be prevented by continuing to engage with lapsed patients.

Surveys show that many loyal patients only intended to stop getting care temporarily, so a reminder can help re-engage and reactivate them.

With Zingit’s automated reactivation strategies, chiropractors average eight reactivations within the first month of use. This often generates enough new business to pay for an entire year’s worth of the service within the first thirty days.

Improve Patient Engagement without Adding Additional Workload

Patient engagement has benefits for both chiropractors and patients. For practices, automating as many administrative and marketing tasks as possible helps you recover time, which can then be used to form better relationships with your patients. Engaged patients have significantly lower rates of no-shows and are more likely to return for repeat visits.

When patients are engaged, they are more active in their healthcare. Studies show that they have improved outcomes and are more satisfied with the care experience, leading to better reviews and referrals.

Zingit enables you to streamline operations by automating tasks and significantly reducing the workload. It also provides better, more consistent engagement to help keep patients connected with your practice.

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