Using a Chiropractic Patient Engagement Platform

February 2, 2023
3 min read

When we start something new, we are often scared. The outcome is something that we can predict but not something that we can know. This fear of failure keeps many organizations from moving forward with new ideas.

If you are new to the idea of using a patient engagement platform, you might not fully understand why the investment is worth it, so you might be hesitant to get started. Many other healthcare providers have found that it pays dividends to make this investment. But there might still be questions that you need answered.

For example, practically speaking, how is a platform like this different from what you are currently using? A patient engagement platform helps staff communicate with the patient. This includes everything from scheduling and confirming appointments to having two-way conversations to answer any questions.

But all this communication might already be happening and without much extra cost. Here are four benefits of a chiropractic patient engagement platform to demonstrate its value and why you should consider implementing it sooner than later.

1. Ease of use

It takes time and training to become acclimated to a new patient engagement system, but life for employees becomes much easier once it is in place. They will appreciate the clearly defined roles and structure of the system. There can be challenges to consider, of course, such as the staff’s ability to accept digital tools and the training involved, but the change is worth it when you take into account the experience of the patient.

2. Holistic patient experience

From intake to post-appointment feedback, the entire patient experience is full of engagement, but it needs to be done in a way that the patient will welcome. This is why this investment is so crucial for chiropractors. Patient engagement in today’s digital environment is more than just calls and voicemails. It is the experience that the patient has while working with their healthcare provider to meet their goals. This type of relationship requires frequent touch points, a feedback loop, and communication that works for everyone. To meet patients where they’re at, especially younger patients using text and email, an automated patient engagement platform is essential.

3. More time for everyone

Once a patient engagement platform is fully incorporated into the workflow, everyone involved will have more time. Patients will appreciate the online forms and text reminders. On the office side, staff workload will be reduced through a few of the automated systems, and office managers will love the usable feedback that is collected. All this time can be spent on better, deeper communication with patients about the things that really matter.

4. Data to support the implementation.

Since the platform is all digital, it is easy to monitor usage, track feedback, and improve areas that are still lacking. With these metrics, office managers can see patient engagement in a new light. The measurement of “success” becomes easier and more transparent for everyone. Additionally, feedback in the form of Google Reviews can be used to help market and promote the practice, a benefit that will help grow the practice and find new patients.

Getting started with a patient engagement system can feel overwhelming. Knowing where to begin, how quickly to roll out, and how to build a solid foundation for success are all part of the game plan. Remember, though, that it is vital to keep the focus on the patient experience. There are many reasons that go beyond patient satisfaction: cost savings for the practice, increased time and ease of use for staff, etc. But patient experience should be the entire goal when using a chiropractic engagement platform.

When you have questions, answers should only be a click away. Some software partners come in a full package to take it or leave it, but others will work with you to improve your experience. A partner like Zingit can increase your confidence in implementing a patient engagement platform and will successfully impact your patient experience for years to come.

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