Chiropractic Patient Engagement Tools Drive Patient Retention

February 2, 2023
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The foundation behind the growth of any business or practice is client retention. It’s the core reason that patient engagement tools are necessary for any growing practice.

Engagement tools can help you make a good impression on new patients. Additionally, these tools can help you overcome the main challenge of handling new clients: failure to keep appointments.

Growing your chiropractic practices can take a great deal of time and effort, but you don’t have to face the challenges alone. Zingit can provide you with tools to streamline patient engagement. These include:

  • Automated texts
  • Online intake forms
  • Text message-based appointment reminders
  • Group messaging

Read on to learn more about the patient engagement tools available to help you reactivate dormant clients and retain more patients.

1. Automated Texts

Automated texts are a low-effort way of keeping in touch with all your clients in real time. They’re better than calls because they do not require patients to answer. They are also now the most preferred mode of communication, surpassing even emailing.

The use of automated texts is preferred because there is a high probability that the patient will read the message. They’re also useful if you want to reactivate dormant clients. Patients need to feel valued, and a text from you can show them that you care, even if they have not seen you in a while.

Reactivating dormant clients can help you fill your practice’s schedule. Understandably, many patients became inactive due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A simple “It’s been a while, how are you?” can bring back many of your clients. Since you don’t have the time to text each patient individually, you can use automated texting. It reaches all clients in real time, which drives patient engagement with your existing clientele and improves patient retention for first-time clients by reducing the risk that they will miss their next appointment.

2. Online Intake Forms

Digitizing patient intake forms and other data can help you engage more with your clients. Manual record-keeping is time consuming and can adversely affect other daily operations.

Zingit’s online intake forms can streamline how you handle new patients. For instance, new clients can fill out electronic forms before their appointments. They don’t need to come physically to your practice and sit in the waiting room to fill out manual forms before seeing you.

By receiving online intake forms from your clients in advance, you can prepare for their appointment and enhance the quality of service. Overall, online intake forms can improve patient satisfaction levels and help you retain more clients.

Clients can access these forms from anywhere and at any time, adding convenience to the patient experience. The online forms are also a safe and cost-effective way of keeping patient records.

3. Text Message-Based Appointment Reminders

Patients often miss their appointments due to forgetfulness and can eventually give up on seeing you all together. Text message-based appointment reminders can prevent patient no-shows.

Text message reminders work similarly to automated texting. They reach all your patients in real time, so you don’t have to expend any extra effort or time to reach out to them. Zingit will handle the process and integrate it with your practice management software.

Reminders are great for patient engagement because they allow for two-way conversations. Patients get an opportunity to interact with you and reschedule their appointments if necessary.

Zingit enables you to customize text message reminders. You can also get notifications once patients get the reminders and if they respond. Reminders enable you to serve patients based on their needs, which improves client retention.

4. Group Messaging

Reaching all your patients at once takes patient engagement to a new level. Zingit enables you to communicate simultaneously with all your clients, so you can inform them of important announcements, such as:

  • Changes in practice hours
  • Emergency closings
  • Rescheduled appointments

Group messages simplify your staff’s workload and enable you to create different audience groups among your clients. You can customize your message based on each audience’s needs. Patients can also respond, thereby improving their engagement.

Improve Patient Engagement to Drive Patient Retention Today

Dealing with patients can be a time-consuming process. But the right patient engagement tools can simplify the process and improve client satisfaction due to better communication, as patients get a chance to give feedback and stay up to date on their appointments.

Growing a chiropractic practice takes time. But Zingit has the resources and experts to help you do it right. It can help you engage with your patients more effectively and retain new ones.

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