3 Patient Engagement Tools for Chiropractor Practice Management

February 2, 2023
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As a business owner and medical professional, you’ve worked hard to build a sustainable chiropractic practice, and your patience and good business sense have delivered a steady supply of patients. But hanging onto those patients for the long term and doing things to engender loyalty require constant attention. You must focus on patients’ needs in terms of their care while ensuring that you provide the best possible patient experience. Sometimes minor changes result in significant gains in terms of loyalty.

Historically, improving the patient experience has required a great deal of time and investment. It still does, but now there are new tools and strategies to help build a modern approach to patient engagement to make retention easier. Here are three features of the new tools found in practice management solutions, such as the one from Zingit, that can help make things easier and take your business to greater heights.

1. Patient Reactivation

The success of attracting new patients will be for naught if you cannot retain those patients in your practice for the long term. In fairness, patients don’t always seek new doctors just because they are displeased with how they have been treated. Sometimes, mere circumstances get in the way. Patients get busy or simply forget, or some other situation in their lives comes up. Reactivation strategies are essential. Getting former patients back to active status can be as simple as sending them a message.

Zingit focuses its chiropractic practice solution on the ability to communicate with patients via text message. To make it even easier, you can program messages to go out at a specific time automatically.

In the case of a reactivation strategy, the Zingit platform automatically identifies and prioritizes dormant patients from your records and sends the initial text, all without occupying staff time. The messages are short and friendly, designed to remind patients of your former relationship.

Text messages have proven to be effective marketing tools. An estimated 90% of texts are opened and read, and more businesses are leaning on them to communicate with patients.

Texts are intended to provoke a response and spark a conversation, to answer questions, and to lead up to scheduling new appointments. The Zingit system produces eight reactivations on average in the first month.

2. Appointment Reminders

Another new tool in the reinvention of chiropractic practice management concerns the challenge of compliance: getting patients to come in for every appointment that they schedule.

People are human and make mistakes. All chiropractic and medical practices have to deal with missed appointments. But chiropractic practice management systems can help mitigate the instances of forgetful patients with timely appointment reminders.

Zingit’s text-based platform pulls data from your calendar and can be instructed to automatically send text-based appointment reminders to patients. But Zingit recognizes that not every practice has the same dynamics among customers. The system enables you to tailor your messages in terms of their cadence and frequency in a way that makes sense for your patients and the relationship that you want to establish.

Appointment reminders are not static, however. The system enables two-way conversations, and in their response, patients may wish to reschedule the appointment. Taking care of that via text is a crucial efficiency feature for any practice.

The proof is in the data: studies show that appointment reminders have a high success rate.

3. Patient Reviews

Chiropractic practice management systems can help grow your business in addition to streamlining it. Zingit automates the process of requesting patient reviews, which are documented factors in generating new patient opportunities. Reviews help drive SEO rankings and can help land your practice on the first page of search results. Positive referrals also play a factor in convincing patients to choose you over your competitors.

Zingit’s review module automates the process, reading calendars and evaluating the right set of patients to ask for feedback. On average, the system triggers more than twenty reviews in the first month of service.

The text-based approach also provides an accessible platform for patients to express their displeasure. While no one likes criticism, it’s better to hear about it from your patients first, not on other social media platforms.

This way, you can reach out and try to resolve the conflict before the customer takes their grievances public. If you sense a common theme, you can reach out to all patients with a broadcast text.

Perhaps the best part is the set-it-and-forget-it nature of the system. Develop your strategy once and the system then runs on auto-pilot.

Engage Your Patients with Zingit Solutions

Zingit focuses on improving chiropractic practice management to make it easier to engage patients, identify their problems, and enact solutions before they take their business elsewhere.

Increasing the volume of patient communication through text will help raise awareness of your practice as a client-friendly business. Zingit’s tools are also configurable to address your customized challenges.

Patient Communication

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