Chiropractic Practice Management Tools for Modern Businesses

February 2, 2023
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Decades ago, a phone call or letters were the only options for business communication. In the modern era, a robust practice management chiropractic plan still includes phone calls and letters but also many other options. That said, it takes more than just communication tools that can leverage technology to improve a practice. There are several hallmarks that any healthcare practice should embrace to modernize. Offering flexibility in experience, communication, and time is essential to grow a practice and increase patient satisfaction.

How does this look for patients?

Today’s patient requires a different approach than for those in the past. Chiropractic practices must meet the patient’s needs in new and diverse ways.

  • Multiple communication options are the norm and not the exception. Text confirmations and automated calendaring enable patients to take care of their side of the scheduling. These tools are convenient and much more efficient than the old strategy of leaving a voicemail and expecting a call back.
  • You can use efficient systems and automation as much as appropriate. Automatic reminders and calendaring are lifesavers for patients and staff alike. They take the human factor out of the equation. After all, computers don’t call in sick or forget to make reminder calls; automation is much more consistent.
  • The patient has modern tools for feedback. The “comments box” on the front desk in the office is now a function of digital engagement. Through Google Reviews, the practice can gather feedback from patients and use exceptional reviews as marketing tools to gain new clients. These reviews are more important than ever and when used correctly, can create paths for practices to grow their client base.

Essentially, you want to place the patient at the center of their experience and build around that, which is possible to do with the right technology.

How does this look for staff?

Meeting the needs of staff in an authentic way is more than just infusing the office with technology; it is a mindset. Consider the options that staff members want regarding their work life, both in the office and outside of it. This might challenge a few old paradigms of how things should be done.

When you evaluate your practice management, be aware that a few roles do not have to be completed in the office. The COVID-19 pandemic changed expectations about working from home. This does not mean that fully remote or hybrid options are the best for the business, but it is critical to understand where employees are coming from in their desire to improve their work life.

Also, the digital tools that you have access to allow for more than just a work-from-home experience. Staff members can also automate a few of their mundane and routine tasks, such as making phone calls to remind patients about appointments, and focus more on the patient experience, following up about care plans, prescriptions, and other information important to their care. Employees can leverage these tools to enable the computer to do more of their tedious work, opening up more time in the day to troubleshoot and solve more complex problems.

What does success look like?

Success is using the right tools in the right way and at the right time. Technology for technology’s sake never works, and all the “modern tools” in the world don’t matter unless they are used to engage patients and staff in a way that is helpful and productive. We also live in a hyper-individualized world and must treat it as such for our employees. Their expectations of work, of healthcare, and of communication must all be met to keep them engaged and satisfied, which ultimately leads to better retention.

These tools enable every practice to empower their patients and their staff to engage in a new and better way. The digital tools at your disposal allow for a better experience for everyone involved. A great practice management chiropractic plan embraces technology as a vehicle for empowering employees and enriching patients’ lives.

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