Struggling to Reach More New Chiropractic Patients?

February 2, 2023
3 min read

All chiropractic businesses looking to grow have the same core issue: “How do I reach more new chiropractic patients?” But what is the root of this struggle? Many small business owners struggle with the balance of operating their business and growing it. Here are a few ideas for getting off the struggle bus and into the fast lane.

Time is a limiting factor.

Chiropractic clinics struggle to find the time to grow when the whirlwind of operating a small business is all consuming. There isn’t enough time in the day to get regular things done, let alone grow clientele. Technology can be the solution for this, specifically automation. When communication is automated, patient reach is seamless and easy. Automated systems can take care of scheduling and rescheduling appointments, so staff can focus on new clients and growth.

Money might be short.

The monetary investment that it takes to obtain new clients varies greatly, from inexpensive micro-strategies to whole-scale investments in target demographics and mailing lists. But if money is tight, chiropractors can make small investments that are smart for their growth. For example, a solution like Zingit won’t break the bank and has a proven track record of obtaining new clients through communication strategies and automated messaging.

Any investment needs to show a record of success in addition to a strategy for how to reach your goals. Before making any investment, big or small, be sure to do your homework. Ask for hard data to show success—don’t fall for just the sales pitch.

There’s a lack of staff to focus on this area.

When looking to expand, chiropractors ask themselves, “Should I hire a new sales rep? Should I ask a current admin assistant to cold call?” If investment is possible, it needs to be in the right place and done in the right way. For a small to midsize clinic, office staff must wear multiple hats. It might be a struggle to ask “one more thing” of anyone in the office, and truthfully, finding new clients can be an intimidating prospect.

Hiring, onboarding, and training new staff is also costly and time consuming. The solution is automation, which can free up time and land new clients. For example, the intake process for new patients is cumbersome, slow, and full of paper forms. With automation, new patients can receive electronic forms, text reminders, and calendaring options. But how does this automation land new clients (other than saving time for staff)? This system can generate invitations for Google reviews for existing clients. Having strong online reviews is one of the best ways to land new clients.

The struggle to reach more new chiropractic patients involves many factors: time, money, support, and staff. The source of this struggle comes back to the same place: not having the right tools. Growth can’t happen overnight, but it can still happen quickly if processes and communication are automated to an appropriate degree.

These solutions are not new to healthcare. Technology is solving many problems in the industry, and this is one of them. To be competitive in the digital age, chiropractors must consider modern digital strategies. A strategic approach to patient communication is vital. Retaining current patients is one of the best ways to grow, if you let them help you. They can tell their story through Google reviews and online sharing. Success builds on success and synergizes growth through this technology.

The way to reach more new chiropractic patients is to invest your precious time and money in the right way. This doesn’t involve hiring more staff, probably won’t break the bank, and won’t require you to work an extra ten hours a week. It’s finding the right tools to help accelerate your messaging and success to others.

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