Chiropractic Marketing: What Is Visibility in Digital Marketing?

February 2, 2023
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Marketing is different from what it used to be. Over the past twenty years, traditional ads in newspapers, billboards, and magazines have transitioned to the digital environment. Since the digital world is complex, you might feel uncertain as your chiropractic practice tries to gain new patients. If you ask, “What is visibility in digital marketing?” you will find that the answer is both simple and complex.

Visibility means your target demographic sees your brand in various spaces. Marketing dollars need to be strategically spent and create visibility in multiple ways. The budget is not unlimited, so you must decide where to put time and money to ensure your visibility in your community.

This is why a multifaceted approach is vital. A few decades ago, being visible meant a local newspaper advertisement, a radio spot, a logo on the school t-shirt, or an ad in the school yearbook. For a relatively low cost, you could have your brand in many spaces.

Today it looks different—and digital. This does not necessarily mean more expensive, though, especially if you tap into the right spaces for investment. When it comes to digital marketing, visibility means something different than it used to.

A digital presence should focus on two aspects: static information and engagement outreach.

Static Information

Static digital marketing provides information for the patient to seek out and find.

You likely already have a digital presence in this space: your website and social media pages. Surprisingly, many businesses have not clearly articulated what they want their websites to do, even though 80% of clients and customers say that they visit the website of the company that they work with. While the website is mostly static without much two-way interaction, its primary use is to convey an outward-facing message. At the most basic level, it must answer these questions, “Who are you, what do you, and how can you help me as the patient?”

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial too. Pages need to be visually appealing, load quickly, and allow for interaction.

A website may not set you apart from the competition, as almost everyone has one, but it’s a critical landing place for information while you use other tools for outreach and engagement.

Engagement Outreach

This kind of engagement is active and two directional. The marketer—in this case, the chiropractic practice—initiates the outreach content to the patient in one form or another.

Engaging patients through text is a great way to draw them in and lead them to the digital marketing that you want them to see. You can use referral programs or other incentives when doing this with current and potential patients.

Understanding search engine optimization is also essential. You do not need to be an expert, but you do need to understand the impact of searches. When a new client looks for “best chiropractors,” the search technology seeks out those terms and returns the top matches. You want to be on the top of that list if you can, and if you aren’t sure how to do that, software partners with proven ROI can help.

Finally, you should not undersell the role of Google Reviews. It might seem like a “static” part of marketing, but the reality is that with the right tools, you can help engage your current, satisfied patients to boost your Google Reviews.

What Is Visibility in Digital Marketing?

So, what is visibility in digital marketing all about? It is about new patients being able to find you, either by searching for you online or through engagement strategies and outreach. It is about presence in multiple places, with static information and engagement outreach as part of your strategy. It is about showing your brand and creating excitement around who you are and how you can meet the needs of your chiropractic patients better than anyone else. Visibility is the key to growth, and with the right strategy and the right partners, you can be more visible than ever.

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