Balance Found, a Biote Practice, Uses Zingit and Retention Rates Skyrocket

Balance Found Medical Solutions is a thriving Biote practice—a Platinum Partner that has served over 1,000 new patients since the inception of the practice in 2013. They are so busy, in fact, that Operations Manager Peggy Maliborski had a hard time keeping up with patient communication. She started using Zingit’s text-based platform and tools to communicate, and she has never looked back.

“​​Zingit has made a huge impact on our business, and I’m hopeful it will do the same for other Biote offices around the country,” says Peggy.

Learn more about how the practice uses Zingit to schedule missed or canceled appointments, gather reviews, check in with patients, and make retention rates skyrocket.


New reviews


Increase in reviews

About Balance Found Medical Solutions

Practice Offerings: Biote Hormone Replacement

Location: Yardley, PA

Size: 100-125 Procedures per month

Notable Ranking: #1 Biote practice in the Northeastern U.S. Region. Platinum Partner.

What is Zingit?

Zingit is a patient communication platform that not only text-enables your practice, but offers tools to support practice growth. Using Zingit, practices can send text reminders, communicate with patients in real-time using text to reschedule missed or canceled appointments, request reviews, and more.

What is Biote?

Biote offers personalized and preventive healthcare using hormone optimization. The hormone pellet therapy aims to improve energy, sleep, mental clarity, sex drive, mood, and overall health.

How Balance Found Medical Solutions Uses Zingit

Balance Found Medical Solutions is a very busy, successful Biote practice, averaging 100-125 procedures per month. In addition to Peggy, the practice’s four licensed providers all communicate with patients using Zingit. “We are the number one provider of Biote in the Northeast. We are the top 30 in the country. I use Zingit as a tool to help me be more productive. I love it,” says Peggy. “It’s my go-to tool for our success.”

Prior to using Zingit, Peggy would call all patients when it was time for their next Biote pellet. “I used to keep calling them and leaving messages. I couldn’t reach people,” says Peggy. “During any moment of downtime, like when a patient was numbing up at the beginning of a procedure, I would run to my desk and leave a few voicemails for people to call me. It was just crazy.”

Use Zingit to recall patients.

Now, Peggy runs a report to show all patients who are due for their appointment. She has a template text set up to send that says, “You are due for your pellets. Text me here and we’ll get you scheduled.” Throughout the day she communicates back and forth with patients via text message using Zingit’s dashboard getting patients scheduled. The conversations are real-time, but can take place throughout the day and don’t leave Peggy tied to a phone. They have gone from 42% to 61% retention since using Zingit.

Use Zingit to remind patients of lab work.

When a patient leaves after their appointment, Peggy immediately schedules a text message to send around the time the patient is due for lab work. The text sends at the proper time and reminds the patient.

Use Zingit to reschedule canceled or missed appointments.

When a patient cancels an appointment, Peggy sends a text and says, “Hi, is everything okay? I have these appointments available next week for you to reschedule.” Most people respond immediately letting her know the cause and are grateful to reschedule then and there.

Use Zingit to maximize productivity.

Peggy estimates that Zingit saves the practice 1-1.5 hours of work per day. “Zingit is a tool to help with my productivity. I don’t have to chase people around anymore,” says Peggy. “People don’t answer phone calls, but everyone looks at their text. I get responses sometimes immediately, and definitely the same day. People are much more responsive. It’s more of a conversation. People like having the ability to talk and not talk when they want. I can send a text, leave my desk, do a procedure, come back and the person has replied. It’s so easy. It helps me with my workflow. I’m much more productive.”

Use Zingit to request online reviews.

Potential new patients love to read online reviews. Balance Found Medical Solutions pulls a report of recent patients and uses Zingit to send out a review request text. “We have gotten 25 new 5 star reviews since starting Zingit,” says Peggy.

Use Zingit to send referral rewards.

Balance Found offers referral rewards, like discounts for Google reviews, or money off your next treatment for a referral. As soon as a new patient reports a referral or an existing patient leaves a review, Peggy uses Zingit to send a text, thanking that patient and letting them know about the reward.

The biggest impact, though, for Peggy, is communicating with patients effectively and, in doing so, taking great care of them. “I consider Zingit a tool for internal marketing. Patients are a part of our family, and Zingit helps to communicate that. I’ll follow up with patients to say, ‘I’m thinking of you—how are you doing since your pellet?’,” says Peggy. “With Zingit, I can serve the patients better—and that’s the part of this job I absolutely love. I get fired up.”

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Recent case study

"Practices considering getting Zingit should do it, because it’s so worth it. We wasted money on so many other things that never brought us results—especially in the areas of patient communication and reviews. To be able to get reviews without thinking about it is huge—and we are too busy to think about it. With Zingit, it’s so little effort to add it in and go."

Dr. Ken Gilman and Office Manager Jenny Gilman


Increase in reviews


New reviews

Running a practice without Zingit is like leaving money on the table.