Clarksville Physical Medicine boosts recalls, reviews, and staff efficiency

Clarksville Physical Medicine is dedicated to providing patients with top-notch chiropractic and physical therapy services. With a team of highly skilled chiropractors, physical therapists, and physical medicine specialists, the practice has a reputation for helping patients recover from musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain. However, as the practice grew, they realized they needed a comprehensive practice growth software to streamline patient acquisition and provide an even better patient engagement experience.


Increase in reviews


New reviews

Clarksville Physical Medicine case study

Clarksville Physical Medicine has been in existence since 1999, and as a busy practice that started before the digital revolution in communication, they hadn’t gotten around to doing any texting, social media, or patient outreach beyond the basics.

“Prior to using Zingit, our efforts were random and slow,” said Jenny Gilman, Practice Manager “We had a yellow page ad. That was it. No social. We had a Facebook page but didn’t do much with it. We would ask people for reviews by mouth, but we didn’t push and we weren’t consistent.”

The practice relied solely on word of mouth, unaware that a service like Zingit existed. When they learned of Zingit’s services that could bring their communication to a new level, they signed up. They launched with Zingit in January 2020.They were drawn to Zingit by the robust text reminders, the simple interface, and the automatic review requests. And so far, it has delivered on those items and so much more.

Recalls and Reactivations

We’ve received 800+ responses to our reactivation messages

Since Clarksville Physical Medicine has been in business for 20 years, they had a large database of patients.

Like in any chiropractic office, patients had occasionally gotten treatment and then gone dormant. During the initial activation period that reached further into the backlog, the response was overwhelming.

“We had so many messages in the first month that we couldn’t read them all,” said Jennifer. “We heard so many times, ‘I haven’t come in for treatment in so long. I’ll make an appointment.’ We had a significant influx of patients come back and activate their care. It was huge.”


We experience a 120% increase in 7 months!

Prior to starting with Zingit, Clarksville Physical Medicine had 105 reviews. In 7 months, they have seen Google reviews jump to 235 total. This is 20-30 reviews higher than the next competitor in terms of review quantity. “We saw a huge spike in reviews. It was very significant to us,” said Jenny. “And it keeps driving on its own—we’re not having to do that personally.” The staff has loved the experience of checking their inbox to see how many reviews have come in, who has left them, and the fact that they auto-post to Facebook.

Efficient Staff Time

We’ve sent 500+ individual texts to patients, giving our staff valuable time back from the phones.

Zingit’s automation and text messaging platform has boosted efficiency for Clarksville Physical Medicine staff.

They save time on phone calls, as patients get appropriately timed and customized text messages reminding them of appointments—no need to call and confirm appointment times.

And when patients want to reschedule, they can simply have a text conversation asking, “Can I come at 3 instead of 2?” with a quick response from staff.

Text gives staff the opportunity to multitask and not be tied to the phone. They have also found the interface to be easy to use, making patient communication fast and easy.“Every time they check the interface, they can see what’s new, current, and can scan and check on responses—and it’s just simple,” said Jenny. “They do that within a few minutes in between patients, and it’s easy to walk away when you need to. Simplistic and quick.”

Automated, yet personal.

The practice has also noticed how personal the messages feel, even though so much of the communication is automated.

When they started reactivations, they would hear from patients who hadn’t lived in the area for a while.

The reactivation message would send, and these patients would respond with 3 messages in a row offering updates on their move, as if the office had personally reached out. It didn’t feel automated to the patients, and the practice staff was able to wrap up conversations and engage with patients.

“Our docs have good personal relationships with our patients—and it’s nice not to sacrifice that. Patients responded personally to even our automated messages and we could keep conversations going,” said Jenny. “That’s the base of our practice. We care about our people and our community.”

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"There are so many benefits to Zingit that every practice should just go try it. Zingit continues to add service and value—they want customers for life. So far they are nailing it, because I'm not going anywhere."

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