Practice Puts ROI of Zingit at $3,000 Per Week

Health First Chiropractic and Wellness was established a few years ago by Dr. Cherine VanWagner in a suburb of Virginia. This brand new practice has been building in volume the past few years under the marketing leadership of Dr. VanWagner’s husband, Dr. Mike Reid, also a chiropractor and marketing Chiropractic coach that helps struggling practices grow and scale using websites, social, and advertising.

Health First has been using Zingit since June, and they’ve seen incredible return and benefits already.


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About Health First Chiropractic and Wellness

Practice Offerings: Volume chiropractic
Location: Glen Allen, Virginia
Size: 300-400 patients per week.

Proven Results from Health First Chiropractic and Wellness

Recalls and reminders have resulted in an average of 60 more patients a week. With $50 on average per patient, that equals $3000 per week and $120,000 per year more in completed appointments.

At any practice, patients forget appointments or do not show up. Dr. Reid is willing to accept no shows at 5%, but believes 15-20% is unacceptable. Health First used Zingit to send a recall reminder to no shows to get those patients back. They sent an automated text to patients who didn’t show up that offered to send a reminder to the patient for their other appointments.

The system worked at Health First to reduce no shows by an average of 10 patients per shift, which equals 60 patients per week. At an average of $50 a patient, this equals $3,000 per week. “This recall reminder system is critical. $3,000 per week is a lot to leak from your practice. People forget, and email doesn’t work like it used to. This system of timed mobile reminders can prevent this leak from people who forget to show up, and reduce no shows so you are closer to the acceptable 5%.”

The practice has enjoyed 101 recalled patients in the last 5 months.

In addition to recalling no shows who miss one appointment, Health First set up regular recalls for patients who have been dormant for 3 and 6 months.

They have received 101 recall responses during the first five months of using Zingit.

126 Reviews and Counting! The Practice Enjoyed a 43% Increase in Public Reviews!

In 5 months, Health First has gone from 88 reviews to 126, increasing their total public reviews by 43%. They currently have 89 total reviews on Google, and anticipate meeting and beating their goal of getting 100 reviews on Google by the end of the year. “Social and Google reviews are key,” said Dr. Reid. “I believe people should get 5-fold reviews compared to your competitors. People love doing what other people are doing. The human mind loves comfort and order. When they see that you have 100 reviews, and the next competitor has 20? That’s so important to me. That’s everything.”

Integrated marketing efforts have allowed the practice to respond to website/online inquiries within 5 seconds!

Health First also uses Zingit to push Google Reviews front and center to a rolling scroll on the homepage of their website. Because of “Potential patients come to our website through a Facebook ad or Google search,” said Dr. Reid.

“You have 5 seconds to engage with a patient...

“You have 5 seconds to engage with a patient, and the Google reviews automatically scroll and show you exactly how much patients love our care. They see that we have so many more than anyone else, and it’s right there for them to see.”

In just 5 months, the practice has fielded 704 texts vs. phone calls, saving the staff enormous time.

Health First loves the quick response to patient appointments. Patients are more likely to respond quickly via text vs email or phone calls. And this saves their staff a lot of time returning voicemails and chasing patients down. “People are able to text to say, ‘I can’t make it because of a flood in my basement,” said Dr. Reid. “We can quickly respond and say, no worries, let’s book you for Monday."

"The quick response gets the appointment immediately rebooked. When you keep recalls down and it’s automated, it helps with other things you are trying to build in your practice.”

“You can look Zingit as a cost, or as an investment. The ROI on Zingit is extremely high. What if it lifts you 6 adjustments on your first Monday morning? It’s paid for in the first month. Then if you see it fill 10-30 more appointments, you have a huge ROI—it’s an investment in your practice.” - Dr. Cherine Van Wagner and Dr. Mike Reid

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"Practices considering getting Zingit should do it, because it’s so worth it. We wasted money on so many other things that never brought us results—especially in the areas of patient communication and reviews. To be able to get reviews without thinking about it is huge—and we are too busy to think about it. With Zingit, it’s so little effort to add it in and go."

Dr. Ken Gilman and Office Manager Jenny Gilman


Increase in reviews


New reviews

Running a practice without Zingit is like leaving money on the table.